Daily Archives: May 15, 2009

Re: California

As I’ve had more than one person forward me a “Prop 8 Overturned!” link from the LA Times: Folks, the story I’m getting sent to me is from May 16, 2008. Which is, you know, a year ago. I’m seeing no current news about the case regarding Prop 8 that’s now at the California Supreme […]

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25 Geeks NOT to Follow on Twitter

Since I was on the list of the 100 geeks to follow on Twitter, I thought it would be appropriate to give a little attention to the other side of that particular equation. The 25 Geeks NOT to Follow on Twitter 1. @DrunkenStalker 2. @MoroseOldBoyfriend 3. @IHeartBoogers 4. @AynRandBoyToy 5. @EnterTheBasement 6. @Cats6Catboxes0 7. @BobaFart […]

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Interview With a Stick of Butter

Me: As of 7:26 this morning, 62% of respondents polled have said it is wrong to eat you. Stick of Butter: What? Why? Me: Comments seem to suggest that there’s a general concern that a couple of hours after ingestion, you will reappear as a squirty, oleaginous mess, which will make me quite unhappy. SoB: […]

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