Brain gelatinous mess. Think no good me. Watch action films all day. See you tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Guuuuuh

  1. Go see Little Ronnie Howard’s new action flick with Tom Hanks — no thinking required (lest your head explode) but there are some beautifully filmed scenes. LOTS of action.

    Dr. Phil

  2. You ate “Stick of Butter” didn’t you. It is not classy to eat your interview subjects.

  3. #2 and #14 are correct. and i’ll bet you didn’t limit yourself to just one butter stick, did you? this does not bode well for your creative future. though you certainly should have no problems with constipation…

  4. You think watching action flicks will make you think better? That’s like doing jumping jacks to cure a broken leg.

  5. You should like this, because you like 80’s music, you see. Except this band is new-ish. I heard about them from that Lincoln MKZ commercial where the car is supposed to be a starship taking off. Anyway, enjoy.

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