ConQuest 40 Schedule

As most of you know, this weekend I’m the Author Guest of Honor at ConQuest 40 in Kansas City. I know I will see every single one of you there. Here’s what I’ll be doing, program-wise, when I’m not stationed somewhere with seven pounds of Kansas City barbeque in front of me:


7:00 PM: Opening Ceremonies (Main Hall)
I’ll sit on the stage and maybe say something short and amusing.

8:30 PM: Authors and Artists Reception (Pershing)
I’ll stand about with a pleasant smile on my face and wait for people to approach me.


10:00 AM: Is a blog a fanzine? (Empire 1)
My answer: Oh, probably. But I suppose I’ll have to expand on that.  Fellow panelists: Geri Sullivan, Alison Stein, Diane Turnshek.

11:00 AM: Guest of Honor Speech (Main Hall)
And by “speech” they mean “I’ll stand up there blathering incontinently unless people come with actual questions to ask.” So, you know. Come with questions, please.

1:00 PM: Women in Military SF (Empire 1)
I’m for it! Also on the panel: Aurora Celeste, Kelly Peterson, Selena Rosen. I’m the moderator.

4:00 PM: Autograph Session (Pershing)
Bring your books and body parts.


11:00 AM: What makes you think you can edit? (Empire 1)
Otherwise known as the “Now we all listen to Ellen Datlow” panel. Also on the panel: Ellen Datlow, Alison Stein, Selena Rosen.

1:00 PM: METAWhatever, where is my book? (Empire 2)
About all the other sorts of distribution for SF lit. Fellow Panelists: Ben Yalow, Bradley Denton, Diane Turnshek.

4:00 PM: Closing Ceremonies (Main Hall)
Bye, now!

When I’m not in panels, I am likely to be in the bar and/or lobby and/or wherever it is at the hotel that one goes to be generally accessible. So as always if you see me walking about feel free to come over and say hello. That’s what I’m there for.

24 Comments on “ConQuest 40 Schedule”

  1. I sure hope people prevent you from blathering incontinently. Is that what they call diarrhea of the mouth?

    Wish I could be there, dammit. Can’t though. Did I say dammit? Dammit.

  2. Everybody around here who likes barbecue tends to be a partisan for a particular store. Just sayin’

    In other news, due to a perfect storm of events, I will be abjectly unable to attend. (You on a panel about editing? Hellyeah.)

    …Have you been to Kansas City before?

  3. There was a big article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune about the fact that so many KC BBQ places have closed in the last several months. I’m glad to hear that they will be helped by the John Scalzi Stimulus package and wish I could be there to eat my way through BBQ with you (I’ll be at Wiscon, instead).

  4. So you’re saying you’ll handle membership and room fees? SWEET! I’m there.

  5. Don’t forget to wear your “Editing! Gerunds! Death!” button to the Editing panel.

  6. As a barbecue partisan, I have to recommend Gates and Sons over Arthur Bryant’s, but AB’s also excellent.

    Actually, my recommendation is to ask people’s favorite, then try that. But you can skip KC Masterpiece. Blech.

    If you happen to be driving (I don’t know why you would), and take I-70 through Columbia, MO, then know that you’re driving very close to a place that sells bacon donuts. Because every thread must mention bacon.

  7. Body parts? What if someone wants you to sign– isn’t there a flow chart around here somewhere.

  8. I’m always hearing about your various con appearances, but am never able to attend any of them. Are there video recordings available of the panels you are on? Or any of the panels?

    It also seems in this digital age that panels could be streamed live, but after a glance at a few cons havent seen any reference to any.

  9. Barbecue is calling my name!!! Looking forward to hanging out with you John! (and drinking)

  10. @MikeT 7: Bacon donuts in Columbia? Where? Since when? (…So says the sorry s.o.b. who moved away from Portland before Voodoo Donuts opened its doors. Dammit.)

    @Jeremy 11: You’re assuming that live event streaming is an affordable and straightforward task for which most facilities are equipped as a matter of course. Ummm… not.

  11. Hmmm…need to make a note to pack the body parts…books are already in the bag.

  12. @ben #12, Dixie Cream Donuts on Nifong makes bacon maple bars. It’s a bar donut with maple icing and bacon crumbles on top.

  13. Someone will end up taking you to Fiorello’s Jack Stack. Close to the hotel and great BBQ. I know Ellen has been there before.

  14. I was thinking LC BBQ, smaller place but has national attention. Plus who can skip burnt ends in KC.

  15. Enjoy the con…and the barbeque. Sounds like a good time.

    I’ll be at Baycon. First time there, so I’m looking forward to see how they do things as opposed to how LosCon runs things.

  16. As a long-time Kansas Citian, my list would be

    1) Arthur Bryant’s (God’s own BBQ)

    2) Jack Stack

    3) Rosedale

    4) LC’s

    5) Mine

    6) Smokestack

    7) Gates (the fast food of KC Barbecue*)

    Oh, has anyone else noticed the Scalvispawn (or is it spawn of Scavi) twitter feed? Curiouser and curioser

    *please note the proper spelling of Barbecue

  17. I followed you around at Ohioana – I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to make it all the way to KC. You’re disappointed, I know.

  18. I wish I could be there. I’m still recovering from Mobicon XII from last weekend. John, ever think about coming to Mobile for the con? I’ll ask the con chair to invite you!!

  19. A little far for me to go unfortunately but I wish you well. Now if you are ever back in British Columbia I shall be glad to make your acquaintance.

  20. No one has mentioned OK Joe’s BBQ. It really is one of the best places in KC, which is surprising since it is in a gas station.

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