Funny in Short Bursts

My college pal Joe Schmitt is the focus of this Chicago Tribune article on people who are funny on Twitter. I can attest that he’s been funny for a while now, and proof that University of Chicago was a nexus of geek weirdness back in the day, as Joe was the center of a social group that included me, illustrator (and occasional New Yorker cover artist) Ivan Brunetti and RPG icon Ken Hite, among a number of other very talented and interesting people. In short, yes, you missed out, not hangin’ in Chicago in the late 80s and early 90s. Try not to feel too bad about it. Here’s Joe’s Twitter feed if you want to check him out for yourself.

14 Comments on “Funny in Short Bursts”

  1. I didn’t know you knew Ken Hite! Cool! So when are you finally going to GenCon?

  2. What, by just standing in the middle of the room or something? I’m not that awesome.

    Also, this year at least, it’s a week after Worldcon. I’ll be all conned out, I’m afraid.

  3. Whoa! That time frame plus U of C plus weirdness means it’s a mathematical certainty you know my old friend Russell Mast. But did you also have the t-shirt?

  4. Of course I have the T-Shirt! I know Russell Mast, damn it! He handed the short to me HIMSELF. Also, he gave one to the President of the University as she gave him his diploma. Seemed like a fair trade at the time.

  5. It’s TOTALLY your fandom. Sure, you’re not a fantasy author, but there’s a lot of cross-pollenation. Hell, there are people who dress up as Klingons for GenCon. I’m not suggesting you follow suit, I’m just pointing out that gamers and scifi go hand in hand. There are numerous booths that sell non-RPG books, and there’s a whole Authors’ Avenue just for famous writers like you. You underestimate how appropriate your attendance would be.

  6. Speaking of UofC weirdness, did you know Bear Braumoller (I think Class of 89 or 90)? A couple of classes ahead of me in high school. I’m pretty sure he went there.

  7. @The Pathetic Earthling: Whoa! I know Bear. But from his grad school years in Ann Arbor. Small world.

    @John Scalzi: Russ will be very pleased to hear that. Sadly, I lost my shirt years ago. A smarter friend made his into a throw pillow, where it still serves as an object of conversation.

  8. @William: Who made the shirt into a throw pillow?

    Also, I changed my last name a couple years ago. Maybe it’s time for new t-shirts, except most of my current friends don’t know my legal name anyway. They call “Nobody” here.

    And, yes, I love having my name (sic) dropped around the internetapodae.

  9. Is it just me or does he look creepily like David Cross in the “supermodel phone call” sketch from Mr. Show?

    Supermodels? Phones?

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