Taking the Day Off From the Internets

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll read a book or something. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Jim @ 2
    You had it going there. Don’t quit.

    We don’t pay the Scalzi to read books. We pay him to write books.

  2. You’ve got a great job John. You can sit all day a read a book, and it could still be considered work related.

  3. JJS @5

    No. We pay for one of his books once he’s written it.
    It’s important to keep track of the difference.

  4. You will tell us what it’s like, yes? I mean, a whole day of not using the blessed intartewbs and all…

  5. Austin @ 9:

    He’ll crack. He’s tried this before. He never makes it.

    He’s sitting on the back deck right now, reading this on his iPhone and twitching.

    Twitch. Twitch twitch.

  6. Well shucks! Here I am with an entire gammon of the finest applewood smoked, nitrate enfused, eka-salted pig strips I could find and no one to share it with!

    Guess I’ll haul it over to io9 then. I bet Annalee Newitz doesn’t take time off to read!*

    *Puttering around in meatspace while her cortex link is updating its scripts doesn’t count.

  7. How does one take a day off from the Internets. I can’t get around that concept. That and the whole “outdoors” thing.

  8. How do you “take the day off from the internets” yet still go on to the internet to post a message?

  9. Wow. You really do need to upgrade your machine… read a book?? why would anyon… oh rigggghhht. [wink] read a book [wink] yeah sure thing john im going to go read a book right now.

  10. I’m sure he can sense when people are misbehaving in the comments section. Perhaps we can bring him out of hiding by misbehaving..

    BrianC is a communist. Neurondoc? Sod Neurondoc. All those Mexicans should go back where they came from and what’s up with all of these gay people violating God’s will and driving their kids to soccer practice in Volvos? Seriously! While we are on the subject, where the hell is my copy of _Dances With Dragons_? Can’t George R. R. McSlackerbutt just write the friggin’ thing already? Hot female lawyers! Mrrrow! Obama is probably a Muslim (unless that’s a kind of fabric) and I’m pretty sure that because of him the terrorists are going to win. People who own cats are dorkwads and I would like to make it perfectly clear that people who call me a racist for calling people racist who call people racist just for putting a well-endowed black man in their book for totally ironic reasons are, in fact, racist themselves.

    Three… two… one…

  11. Is THAT why the page looks like you dimmed the lights…? Saving the Internets electricity or something green like that?

  12. He’ll put the book down. Go look for something to eat, maybe pop a Coke Zero. Then he’ll take the Nikon and take a couple of pictures. Upload them. Fire up Photoshop… and then he’ll have to post them.

    Even if he reads this, and tries not to, there’ll be four Photoshops posted this weekend…

    Dr. Phil

  13. If I had to guess, it may be one of those school picnic thingummies that he had to attend. It’s that time of year around here although I don’t know if they do the same at the schools in Ohio.

  14. Is this that ‘Going Galt’ thing I’ve heard so much about? Scalzi’s just waiting for us to beg for him to come back. Well, I won’t give him that satisfaction…

    Come back! I don’t know what I’ll do without you! It’s so dark and lonely out on the interweebs…

  15. Aw Jim, see, I’m racking my brains to come up with something better than Air Supply, and I just can’t. Except for Abba. You know he listened to his Abba Gold collection yesterday.

  16. Jim@26,

    I believe that DQ earworms count for Reasons 27-240 of why not to see Mamma Mia.

  17. Dude, you say in a baker’s dozen of words that you have nothing to say, and you get 27 (and now 28!) responses. Wow! You must be the god of the blogosphere! I knew you a little in college. You were a cool guy, but I’m not sure if you wrote an article for the maroon saying that you had nothing to say that you would have 28 letters to the editor. Clearly your animal magnetism has, like a good bacon, only ripened with time! :)

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