Testing My Travel Karma

I’m flinging myself about the country today. Wish me luck. I’ll be posting again later in the day.

Also, to everyone in the last thread who said I would crack and come crawling back after I said I was taking a day off from the Internets: Neener neener neener.

26 Comments on “Testing My Travel Karma”

  1. 1/2 Steve – no pictures of Ghlagarble, so no Chang whether or not they are or are not Chang. ( yes, I know it’s pronounced Fluffy. This is funnier. )

    So, Travelling Sci-Fi Boy – where’s the link to your Thursday AMC Column, huh? ( I *know* it’s already up, but some of us are lazy…)

  2. I don’t know when you changed your subtitle, but I like. One of the best-constructed songs ever. Good luck on your planes and trains and automobiles.

  3. I think that should be couples’ skate, not couple’s skate.

  4. Wow, Scalzi gets the red pen from his editor over his one line subtitle. That’s an editor who cares and goes the extra inch for you.

  5. When you say you’re flinging yourself around the country, I get a very odd mental image of you in a Wile E. Coyote type giant slingshot.

  6. you picked a nice day ‘off’ (yesterday) was 85 here in Chicago – I bet it was nice in your neck of the woods as well-enjoy travelling

  7. Have a nice trip.

    I don’t know where to comment on your subtitle “I’m all alone during couples skate”, but it makes me think back to middle schools days with Steve Miller’s “Winter Time”
    We liked to mix plenty of melancholy with our romance.

  8. Andy – I was thinking a giant catapult, myself. He takes a bag lunch from Krissy, kisses her and Athena goodbye, and Krissy pulls the lever, sending him off to work.


  9. What? Two days in a row without content?

    This is an outrage, Sir, an outrage. I am outraged!

    We don’t pay you to fling yourself about the country. We pay you to…

    Oh, wait, that’s not right. Nevermind.

  10. @5 PNH: Now that’s dedication to the craft, sir.

    @ Scalzi: Have a safe fling.

  11. What do you mean, neener neener?

    As I pointed out yesterday, you started your “day away from the internets’ midway through the day. So by that definition you failed. Failed miserably, may I add?

    And even if you reinterpret that to mean a 24 hour period, this post appeared at 6:52 am. Meaning it fell short of the 24 hours necessary to call it a day away from the internets.

    so…neener neener back at ya.

  12. I’ll forgive him since is coming to my neck of the woods. I’ll get to stalk him all weekend! Mwahahaha!!!!

  13. I’m sure you will have a pleasant flight, given that you took the day off from the internetz yesterday to rip your Night Ranger and Air Supply collections and load them onto your mp3 player. Enjoy!

  14. Also, to everyone in the last thread who said I would crack and come crawling back after I said I was taking a day off from the Internets: Neener neener neener.

    Ah, John Scalzi, Author, traveler, editor, master of all things bacon, and, that now, he will be known forever as

    “that ‘neener’ guy.”

  15. JOsh and Andy at 7 and 10

    I was seeing it more like bits of him flung far and wide like you get with weed killer from the spreader in your yard.

  16. I say he didn’t take a day off from the internet, he just didn’t post on the internet.

    Next question, what did John surf to yesterday? Was it bacon or butter related?

  17. To be fair, you only took (approx) 3/4 of a day of the internet – neener neener neener yourself, me bucko.

  18. Over at AMC, there is an immense void…no, something deeper than a void. Call it an Absence. In this great lacunae, space-time is contracting into itself as JPEGs, Diggs and HTML code boil off of nearby pages like Hawking radiation from a micro-black hole. The Absence makes itself known beyond the Internet, infecting the real world with its somniferous red shift as time slows tooo aaaaa c c r r r a a a w w w w l l l….

    Wait, what?

    He did write an article?


  19. *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

    This has been a test of OBFS: the Offsite Blogreading Followship System¹. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to play the role of a strip of litmus paper.

    This concludes this test.

    It’s the only scenario which accounts for both observed phenomena: why John had his Monolith article up on AMCtv in timely fashion², but failed– nay, opted to announce it locally until late afternoon.

    ¹ specifically, the Monolith subchapter of weekly visitors
    ² before first Whatever entry today

  20. Where did “neener neener” come from and when did it surpass the classic…”na na na na naaa”?

    I must know.

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