Kansas City Sunset

Looking out toward the plains.

7 Comments on “Kansas City Sunset”

  1. Lovely. It is perhaps the same dying KC light that reflects in the glazed pupils of poor, doomed Charlie Arglist as he recognizes the full weight of his bad decisionmaking at the end of THE ICE HARVEST.

  2. Ah yes. KC sunsets. I moved to KC in 1996 to follow my career in cartography. The big skies always worked their magic; breathing life into my soul.

  3. I just saw you will be at the convention this weekend, I hope to meet you there. Will you be signing books? And if so, what time?

  4. now you know one of the best reasons to live here. I love the skies overhead, they’re never the same twice though they produce (somewhat) predictable weather patterns.

    Glad you had a good time here. (Paula Helm Murray)

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