Off Doing Con Stuff

So I won’t be about for most of the day. Go about your day if you can. I’m likely to Twitter now and then, however, so if you need updates, there you go.

If you feel you must have something to discuss here while I am away, please to consider this 80s conundrum, provided to us by the great existential philosopher LeBon:

Is the Reflex actually a lonely child?

I’ve always had doubts, myself.

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21 Comments on “Off Doing Con Stuff”

  1. I’m convinced Simon LeBon is actually communicating with drunk aliens. Nothing else can explain his lyrics.

  2. If LeBon said it, it must be so. Although it’s good of Sheila to go to the source. Brava.

    –Chryss, our resident LeBonist

  3. I was always convinced it was “no-legged child”. I shook my head at the story of Reflex, the poor, legless boy with no friends.

    Sure, Reflex always THOUGHT he had friends, but the other boys and girls were really making fun of him. He would wait by the park gate as the other children played, believing they would eventually put him on the swing. They constantly convinced him patches of clover were “lucky”, then persuaded him to watch the clover as they played tag (which his lack of legs made an impossible game). Sometimes, when they were particularly cruel, the neighborhood tykes would leave Reflex out past sundown, claiming that he was in charge of “finding treasures” since they all had to go home to dinner and bed.

    In closing: Simon LeBon-Bon is a cruel bastard.

  4. AJ–sometimes. But then the only child realizes, through being with others, that siblings are a horrific drag and the only way to ensure your parents don’t play favourites is to only have YOU.

    Being a lonely only child also means you can entertain yourself at a young age, which is a good skill to have throughout adulthood.

  5. @AJ Shephard: I can only speak for this particular Only Child and say yes. Until, of course, the figments of your imagination start talking to you. At which point you’re not lonely anymore. Just not quite sane anymore. *twitch*

    @John: You’re at a con and doing con things? Are you allowed?

  6. “Every little thing the reflex does leaves you answered with a Question mark.”

    There that’s the answer: A question mark.

  7. Lonely, or only, it doesn’t matter. It’s not true. Reflex (and existentialism) require the response to the act of being and doing. It requires input from outside of the self in order to evaluate and analyze the self.

    That’s my story anyway.

  8. I, too, have my doubts. I also don’t believe that all we see is a view to a kill nor do I buy for a second that the union of the snake is on the prowl.

    But her name really is Rio and she really does dance upon the sand.

    But the big question from DD’s later days remains: Is there really an ordinary world? If so, will I learn to survive?

  9. Another question – who had the terrible job of cleaning up the massacre on the red carpet? And was there compensation for the apparent destruction of said carpet?

    And how did I allow myself to start questioning Le Bon? No, stop, silly thing to do, must love Simon.

  10. well, if I remember correctly, the union of the snake was not on the prowl, it/he/she? was on the climb? Whatever that means.

    Hey, a misheard leBon lyrics thread and what the hell is he talking about anyway could kill time until JS’s return.

  11. /looks at his retro 80’s Duran Duran LP.

    The union of the snake is on the climb.

  12. Maybe we should save a prayer for the morning after the con. If this is anything like the last con I went to, there will be many sins to atone for.

    The meatgasm alone seems to hit gluttony square in the bulls eye. Or should that be pigs eye? 8D

  13. Huh, I believe this post was actually before our discussion of Duran Duran – interesting coincidence, that.

    Good to see you, by the way – we’re looking forward to next month!