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This is it. I’m still at ConQuest and still doing con-like activities, although after staying up until 3:30am last night, I’m doing them with about 1/3 less coherence than I might otherwise. But, hey. I’m having fun. I’ll again be away from the computer for most of the day, though will probably do Twitter updates sporadically through the day, because I can do those from the phone. Hey! Twitter is useful!

How are your Sunday plans? Share with the crowd.

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  1. See, I was right about needing to save a prayer, even if 3:30 is rather early in con time.

  2. It is going to be an R&R day for me. The highlight will probably be walking down to the town library and picking up the six or so items that I have requested that have come in. Requesting books and DVDs online is great. I get an email when they come in, stroll down to the library, pick them up and enjoy.

  3. Ordinarily, I would be where you are, but not this year. Instead, it’s house chores, planning for “early retirement” and working on a new chapter of something that might, anyway, I’m glad you’re having fun there, it’s a decent con with very good people. Sorry I can’t be there this year.

  4. Sunday? Just another work day in paradise I’m afraid. But I do get Monday off to play with my new toys.

  5. Haircuts and laundry for me! And probably a heavy does of reading on the patio.

  6. I just finished (and won) a game of chess against one of the minions of Chessmaster 7000. This particular minion’s name is Cole, and CM7000 claims he has an elo level of 1204. After five straight losses followed by a draw against this minion, victory was sweet.

    I’m going to go out now and enjoy the wonderful day today has turned into. The only drawbacks of the season: I need bug spray and sunscreen.

  7. Spent a hot afternoon watching a Native American powwow. It was a million degrees outside. Now inside the air conditioned house. Tasty.

  8. Unpredictable weather will keep me close to home today, probably laundry and cleaning (although the window of sunlight at the moment is taunting me).

    Tomorrow – finally get to see Star Trek.

  9. Was supposed to go to a baseball game. But it is raining. So i’m still in pj’s. Drinking coffee. Perfect! Will eventually get dressed for church tonight. Probably.

  10. My Sunday plans were to sit around on my fat ass. Of course, I was fortunate enough to be working on a freelance project and making a profitable day of it, so that was good.

    Also, I received the contract for an anthology I’ve sold a reprint to, so also good. Ah, the modern era where one can earn money while sitting!

  11. No spectacular plans here. Church (done), laundry (nearly done) watch my recording of CBS Sunday Morning. Maybe go out to eat later.

    I’m not what you call an exciting guy.

  12. Spending entirely too much money at Magic Castle to make two maniacal children happy. Which means it really wasn’t too much money.

    Might try and see the eagles sometime later this P.M. Given the weather holds out.

  13. Things to do today? Hmm… grocery shopping, watch my husband play Fallout 3 (I think it’s our 4th time through the game… he plays and I run the FAQ and such), and then go for a nice long walk up the (dead) volcano outside our house. Maybe move the hammock and finish a book or two in the shade and then BBQ homemade chicken sausages.

    I love long weekends.

  14. Cleaning, doing laundry, working my way through the Hugo Novella nominees, playing videogames, church.

    Not bad for a lazy sunday.

  15. Just downloaded Last Colony – looking forward to getting into it as I really enjoyed The Old Man’s War. Your Sci-Fi is quick and lots of brainy thought provoking bits – like a good dessert you don’t want to rush but be damned if you can stay that patient!

    I am curious though why the downloads are almost twice the price of the paperback?

    Thanks for getting me fired up about sci-fi again. It had been a while.


  16. Saw Star Trek again, this time on a regular sized screen, with a college buddy and his family.

    And I’m pretty sure that it’s a lot hard to print on electrons than paper pulp fibers. It’s a Physics thing.

    Dr. Phil

  17. Just got done at CONduit today. I am holding, in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, a copy of “The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance.” And I must say, after reading the intro…

    I’ve met Howard Tayler. Howard Tayler is a friend of mine. And you, sir, are no Howard Tayler. I bet his boots are WAY cooler than yours…

  18. Well, it’s already Monday, but I spent all of Sunday finishing off some university assignments… which I continued finishing all through today. Now I have 12 hours to SUPER-finish them.


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