Before and During



After, it will be too dark to see.

18 Comments on “Before and During”

  1. Summer thunderstorms. For some reason, I always liked them. Cats, dos and young children, do not.

  2. VERY cool looking! (John, I don’t suppose you could email those pics to me?)

  3. The night before last we had a fierce thunderstorm here, in the Netherlands. My 3 year old son woke up crying. When I entered the room he complained ‘He does boom!’ and explained that he thought that a sprinter and a doubledecker (two types of trains, we live close to the train track) had collided.
    My wife explained that it was actually the clouds that were breaking.

  4. How long was the picture exposed? 1 second? 10? 15? 30?

    I’ve tried to take lightning pics, but haven’t had any success so far. I either get the whole sky lit up (if I make a long exposure) or everything dark as the pit (if I take a short exposure).

  5. Either of those pictures would be a great background image too. Any chance you’ll post higher-res copies anywhere?

  6. Nice ‘during’ shot. Long exposure, or just quick and lucky on pushing the button?

  7. Oh, I dunno… that white silhouette at the top of the lightning looks like the mothership coming in for a landing to me.

  8. Try the fireworks setting if you have one on your digital camera. Mine does great fireworks, just haven’t had the opportunity to try it on lightening…but may get that chance really soon as the severe storm link on my toolbar just started flashing!