Various & Sundry 5/26/09

What’s going on in my head:

1. First, another quick shoutout to the folks who put together and participated in ConQuest 40, which I have just come back from. It was an excellent con, for several reasons. First, and most directly relating to me, they kept jamming barbeque down my throat all weekend long, and while I’m sure I’ve gained about fifteen pounds and am now flirting with hypertension, it was worth it. I’ve invested in a home defibrillator in any event. Second, I thought it was a well run and well-paced convention — not overprogrammed as cons occasionally are, which meant that as a guest I didn’t feel overworked, and as a congoer I didn’t feel like I was missing out on stuff because it conflicted with something else I was doing or seeing. Third, everyone was lovely; it had a real family-like atmosphere and I quickly became fond of a number of folks, both staff and congoers.

So in sum, it’s a lovely convention and I hope to go back one day soon. If you’re in the market for a Memorial Day convention, this is a very good choice. They already have the splash page for ConQuest 41 up, so check it out.

2. As happy as I was to have attended ConQuest (and I was), it’s nice to be home and also nice to have nowhere I’m obliged to be, in a public capacity, until late July. Yes, I know, having to travel to places where people want to put you in a spotlight and have you party until the wee hours of the night seems like one of those problems most  people would like to have. I’m not saying it is actually a problem. It is, however, tiring, especially when you’ve had three travel commitments in four weekends, as I have. And it does put a hole in the writing schedule, as I do almost no writing while traveling and it takes me a day or so once I’m back home to get my brain back into writing mode.  So as you might expect, as much fun as I’ve had this May, it was not a sterling month for writing. June, however, looks excellent in this regard.

3. Yes, I have something planned to be writing on in June. No, I’m not going to talk about it now.

4. Got my physical copies of Zwischen den Sternen (the German version of Zoe’s Tale) in the mail today, which makes me happy, as it’s the first foreign version of ZT to arrive here at the Scalzi Compound. It appears to be selling pretty well over there, which makes me even happier; it’s nice to see Zoe doing well in the world. It’s also interesting to me that Chapter 20 gets me all misty regardless of what language it’s in.

That’s what’s up.

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  1. It was great to meet you! Thanks for the excellent company and conversation. You’re pretty much made of awesome.

  2. ‘Twas lovely to meet you, kind and witty sir!

    In re: an earlier ConQuest post: If I recall correctly, I believe you touched my meat during the weekend, as well. With Ellen and half the others at dinner. Holy Lords of Cholesterol, but does Kansas City specialize in pork!

  3. See, now, there are two of the people I became fond of. See how that works?

    Actually, Chris, I believe I was one of the few who didn’t touch your meat, thanks to the piles of pulled pork and burnt ends I had to work through. I did, however, steal one of your fries. AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN. You have been warned.

  4. How does “It wasn’t even close” translate to the German?

  5. Bummer. I don’t know enough German to make sense of it, but because of the previous several pages, I think that was my favorite sentence of yours yet. That was Ch. 20, right? (Don’t have the book handy)

  6. Ghak. That made no sense. I don’t know enough German to know whether that sort of sentence is the right payoff to the chapter (I can sort of converse in German, sort of). But I’m sorry they dropped the line if there’s nothing that works as an equivalent in German, since I think — given the previous few pages — that was my favorite sentence of yours yet.

    That was Ch. 20, right? (I don’t have the book handy)

  7. Having your company at Conquest was lovely also. Please come back sometime and enjoy our BBQ again.

  8. I’d hate to tell y’all how many people touched John’s meat. Even chewed it. It was lots. We’re compiling a quarantine list for the Dept of Health right now.

    And the performance tribute to the Supremes, with John joining Chris McKitterick and Robin Wayne Bailey in a stirring consuite rendition of Stop! In the Name of Love? Priceless.

  9. Misty indeed. It’s kind of a bummer that as you are reading Zoe you always have this little thing in the back of your mind regarding Enzo’s future… and the more you get to know him and his relationship with Zoe the more you find yourself dreading that future. It’s kind of like the last three Star Wars movies.. you really like this young Anakin character but on the other hand you have this internal horror because you already know it’s not going to end well for him.

  10. I read “congoers” as “congo-ers,” and wondered how exactly that works. Clearly, your fatigue is e-contagious.

  11. Random question: are the people who attend the Con referred to as ConQuestidores and were metal breastplates required at the costume contest?

  12. #14: No to the first. To the second also no. We would never invent such a requirement. They would conceal the chainmail bikinis.

  13. It was lovely to meet you. Thanks for making the panels more exciting than many I have been to recently!

  14. Tully@15

    Egggsalent! I can now fibble off, mumbling to myself, with this burning question solved. Back to the laboratory, to finish developing the bikini-warmer.

  15. Back to the laboratory, to finish developing the bikini-warmer.

    Which endeavor, when complete, will bring much rejoicing.

  16. I am of course referring to the young precocious Anakin as opposed to the obnoxious teenage Anakin…

  17. So glad you liked ConQuesT. It was a pleasure to have you as a guest. You are most welcome to come back and even bring the family — we would love to have all of you.

    At least all those people who are going to jump out of the comments are also willing to do it with full plates of BBQ.

  18. Hmm. Late July would be Confluence. Which is one of my favorite cons to attend, so I guess I’ll be seeing you around. Coolness, since duties at Millennicon made it impossible.

  19. I hope we get to see lots of new faces as well as old friends at Confluence. I have a lot of work to do before and during the con but I hope I get to see everyone –stop in at the art show and say, “Hi”!

  20. It was great see you at conquest John. You are a fine con Guest. And I finished “Zoe Tale” Just before the con. great read!

  21. It was an honor and a privilege to make a Bacon Explosion for you, and your sharing of your meat with so many was a truly selfless gesture. There’s a distinct potential for a religious cult here: “This is my bacon, smoked for you.”

  22. I wanted to personally thank you for being our guest at ConQuesT 40. I hope you had as good a time with us as we had with you (and your meat). You are welcome to come back anytime.

    Margene S.Bahm
    ConQuesT 40

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