Action Cats Are Full of Action!

Zeus attacks Lopsided Cat from above! And then (unpictured) Lopsided Cat whaps the crap out of Zeus, because Lopsided Cat is about twice as big and has a low tolerance for adolescent cats falling from the sky directly on to his cranium. It’s all in good fun, however. They do generally get along.

20 Comments on “Action Cats Are Full of Action!”

  1. “Your kung fu is very good. Your masters have taught you well. But you have much to learn. Let us begin.”

    Thanks for the photo of the TLC dojo in use.

    The Lopsided Cat Fan Club

  2. Ah, the long suffering older cats that whomp the heck out of the younger kittens. It’s amazing that any kitten grows to old age.

  3. Manually zoomed in your lens as you were taking the shot? That must’ve required a slow shutter speed – or did you photoshop it? :P

  4. Generally a death from above attack is the right move against a ‘mech of higher tonnage though, despite the risk.

  5. If you really loved us, you’d have posted this as a video – in “bullet time,” ala Wachowski brother style.

    “Kung fu? I’m going to learn Kung Fu?”

  6. Is it just me or does Zeus look like he was thrown at LC? Maybe that’s why the photo’s so out of focus: Photog had to throw the cat and get the shot off before it landed.

  7. George E. Mitchell – Seabeck, WA – I've been working in the software industry since 1991. Over that time, I've learned a lot about technical people and had a good deal of success working with them and managing them. LinkedIn: <a href=""></a>

    Zoom blur FTW!

    I always dwell too long at one end or the other of the zoom range, so I end up with a double image instead of the speed line effect. Well shot.

  8. That must have been some leap. Zeus is straight up and down. I think he’s reenacting that scene from the Star Trek movie where they have to land on the platform.

    And he’s the red suit guy.

  9. dawn – east or west of there – PhD in rhetoric and scientific and technical communication, social media researcher, blogger, amateur photographer

    This is where you get inspiration for battle scenes! I knew they were familiar.

  10. There have been rumbling noises from downstairs recently — no doubt one of the boys is chasing the girl. They’re 16, neutered, and not very serious about attacking each other. But it may be their only outlet for exercise. Crazy cats.

    Dr. Phil

  11. Twilight wants to study the Tao of Zeus so she can get back at the evil Fluffy, who ambushes her frequently.

  12. Don’t know that my cat, Pixel, has quite those kind of Kung Fu chops, but she did dispatch fairly quickly the mouse that somehow got in the house the other day. Which is, after all, her job around here.

  13. anotherdamnedmedievalist – I'm a medievalist. I teach. I try to research. I write about academia, life, and cats. I'm starting to believe I might fit in with the smart, cool medievalists, but I have a hard time not feeling like a fangirl when I'm with them. Contact me at: another_damned_medievalistATSIGNhotmailDOTcom

    Way better than the handbags my cats use!

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