Attention Ferris Bueller Fans

Cameron’s house is for sale. Wrecked Ferrari not included.

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  1. And for a steel at only 2.3 Mil. At that price you’d think a wrecked Ferrari would come gratis.

  2. For that price, Matthew Broderick better be my cabana boy for month after I move in.

  3. Awseome movie, I wish they would make a sequel. One plot I remember hearing about was Ferris being all grown up and in the working world and he skips work for an adventure.
    As for house, awesome. Living in Chicago? Been there, done that. Wonderful until January and it is 10 below 0 with 3 feet of snow on the ground.

  4. He who lives in glass houses…

    Hope there are no neighbors nearby. Oddly, never knew it was that close to Chicago. Now I just need to win the Hoosier Lottery so I can buy the darned thing!

  5. Hmm, Glass and steel house in Chicago area. I’d love to see the heating bill in January and February.

  6. …which can never be duplicated…

    Really? Never? Seems to me they would be rather easy to duplicate since they’re basically a couple of steel and glass boxes, cantilevered over a ravine.

    But then, IANAA…

  7. Can I have Wyatt’s house from Weird Science instead? With Rachel as a bonus?

    “Ferris” made me want to move to Chicago. Later I did but the Base Housing at Great Lakes NTC is no where near as plush as Cameron’s neighborhood.

  8. Oh yeah. See, all these movies take place in a
    town called Shermer, in Illinois. And there’s all
    this fine bush running around, and we could kick
    all the dudes’ asses because they’re all whiney
    pussies. Except Judd Nelson – he was harsh. But
    best of all, there was no one selling weed. So I
    says to Silent Bob “Man, we could live phat if we
    were the blunt-connection in Shermer, Illinois!”
    So we collected some cash we were owed, and caught
    a bus. But when we got here, you know what we found
    Out? There is no Shermer in Illinois. What kind
    of shit is that?! Fucking movies are bullshit!

  9. Talk about living in a glass bowl like a gold fish – I’ll take the wrecked Ferrari! On second thought – 2.3 mil will buy me a much larger house and my own private beach down here in Baja!

  10. Dont’ let the Realtor know you’re interested. Because he’s gonna keep calling and calling!

  11. Perusing Chicago-area real estate listings? Are you thinking about relocating the Scalzi Compound to the Big City, where the trimmings of civilization (geek store, fast food, etc.) are closer than a forty-five minute drive?

    Two-point-three mil…that’s a lot of hay for a sixty-year-old pair of glass-and-steel boxes perched on a ravine, Ferris Bueller or no.

  12. But…if you walk around naked in that house, the trees will be watching you. That’s a bit scary.

  13. From seeing the house in the movie, and even the pictures on the site you would think the place was in the middle of nowhere. But it seems to be in a subdivision… a very expensive one to be sure.

  14. A very cool house…I toured it about 10 years ago with a local vintage car group…the owner collected and raced vintage race cars…I rode with him in his Bugatti Type 35B around a local track. A very nice unassuming fellow… he and his wife told us how the house came to be used for the movie…too long to type here.

  15. John’s got 24K readers easily, right?

    $100 a reader, and the house is OURS!

    The question isn’t “what are we going to do,” the question is “what aren’t we going to do?”

    – yeff

  16. Is Highland Park within Giordano’s delivery radius? If so, *sold*! Now I just need to scrape together $2.3 mil.

  17. From what I understand, the actual “Ferrari” used in Ferris Beuller is actually a replica produced by Modena Design and Research. It’s a Ford Mustang engine on an MGB frame with a fiberglass replica ferrari body skin.

  18. I hope so. Budget considerations aside (you wanna do WHAT to the Ferrari, John?), actually trashing a genuine Ferrari 250 GT like that would be sacrilege.

  19. Yeah… that’s definitely a V8. Doesn’t sound like a Ferrari V12 at all when you really listen to it.

  20. Pardon me for flooding… but watching the scene in FBDO where they go to pick up Sloane from school… check out Matthew Broderick’s outfit… it’s Inspector Gadget! Prophetic.

  21. I never understood how they said that Wayne Newton was the singer of Danka Shan (sp!), it sounded like a woman to me.