Photographic Evidence

Whilst at ConQuest, I was showing off pictures and in showing off the Scalzi Compound, noted there was at least one picture where the house was framed by a rainbow. This was met with skepticism, so I promised to fish out the picture and repost it for the non-believers. Thus:

Totally not Photoshopped. Really happened. Even a double rainbow, if you look closely.

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  1. Nice! We had one of those double rainbows recently too. It tail ended over the broadway bridge from my view out the window, which of course has me thinking “rainbow bridge” and Norse Code.

  2. This clearly demonstrates that the Scalzi Compound is part of the Big Gay Agenda. SNAPS!!

  3. All we need now is Scalzi on his tractor mower waving with a coke zero in the other hand and we would be ready for a Reader’s Digest ad.

  4. Ooo…pretty…

    Also, atmospheric stuff is really difficult to photoshop convincingly. I’m sure its possible, of course, but it takes far more patience than I’ve got!

  5. Random post: My copy of Zoe’s Tale is has now been shipped – here comes a weekend of reading in the sunshine! :-) The cover will also be a surprise as the UK Amazon site doesn’t have a picture.

  6. And the Tertiary Chorus – oooooooooooo (long o sound)

    John has stated in the past that his father in law has a riding mower and does his lawn.

  7. I am in WV right now, doing some work for the 2010 Cenus. Yesterday, after the thunderstorm, I saw a great rainbow reaching from ridge to ridge. The valley had a lovely bit of Bifrost arching over it. I took pics but can’t unload them yet. Kind of made all the tramping over the hills worth it.

  8. OK, so, if and when the time comes to sell the Scalzi compound, that’s the picture to use in the real estate ad.

  9. Somewhere under that rainbow
    Scalzi writes,
    Books I want to get hold of
    And read them in a coffee shop.

    Somewhere under that rainbow
The green grass grows,
The Scalzi doesn’t mow his own lawn,
But his father-in-law does.

    Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And make it to a convention far
Away from me.
    Where writers gather like wildebeests
    In hotel bars to hold their feasts
    And drink Coke Zero

    Somewhere under that rainbow
Cats plot revenge.
Ghlaghghee runs when she sees him.
Why then, oh why can’t I?

    If happy little Scalzi writes
    Under that raindow
Why, oh why can’t I?

  10. Wow… that looks like a postcard. Or possibly an eerily perfect fantasy world.

  11. @22 … or possibly the cover of a horror novel.

    “It was all so bucolic and peaceful, until THEY came.”

  12. I’ve seen a bunch of Eddie Izzard routines on the telly and I’ve even seen him live, but I cannot place the “farted” reference.

    You should hack into googlemaps and upload that photo for your address’s streetview.

    I imagine the doorbell activates a choir of angels singing. Not a recording, mind you, but a real actual choir of angels.

  13. oops, missed “nine”. Still can’t picture Eddie saying that one either though. All I can think of right now is Eddie doing his impersonation of Christopher Walken, and the bit about the Death Star Cantina. hm, maybe it’s time to peruse some youtube clips.

  14. I have an honest-to-Og picture of a rainbow that arcs down to point to my husband and dogs, like (cheesy-but-sweet) they’re my own personal pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (/c-b-s).

  15. OOH – cool that you own your lawn tractor! You could ride it in the tractor races & parades!

    I bet it’s fun to ride the tractor around the Scalzi Compound, and down to the road to get your mail!

  16. Yes, but you framed it off center. Couldn’t you have moved the rainbow a little to the left?

  17. I think you need to add a secret button that plays an angelic chorus when someone clicks on the house.

  18. John – with your father in law laid up, who’s mowing now?

    And, how’s he doing?

  19. You’re not fooling us, Scalzi. That’s the exhaust from the alien ship that’s about to enslave humanity — I can tell by the crop circles they left in your lawn where their ship landed.

    So ‘fess up — are you in cahoots with our soon-to-be overlords from outer space?

  20. John@20, Does he not like you or something? I especially like the scalp lines. Reminds me of mid summer when I am trying to kill my lawn so I don’t have to mow so often in the heat :-)

  21. CJ @33: Yes, he could have–the position of a rainbow depends entirely on the position of the viewer. Face away from the sun, find the shadow of your head, and the rainbow occupies a circle 46 degrees away from that point, so to move the rainbow left, move your head left.

    But a centered composition gives a static and lifeless feel to a photograph, so they teach you to move things out of the middle of the frame. Personally, I think he nailed it.

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