Today I Am a Man

Hey, look: I finally have an IMDB entry. I feel so, you know. Hollywood.

Have your people call my people, babe. We’ll do lunch.

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  1. Congratulations.

    My favorite geeky trivia question: Which is older: HTTP or IMDB? Answer: IMDB, by about a year and a half. Before they had a web client you could request information from IMDB only through painfully constructed e-mail messages. Eventually, it would e-mail you back answers, maybe. I remember doing so in ’92. It seems like both only yesterday and a lifetime ago.

  2. Must…resist…leaving some “facts” about John Scalzi at the IMDB message board for his IMDB entry.

  3. You can track your popularity as it rises and falls? Hm… THAT’s a mixed blessing at best. I think it would drive me insane.

  4. Now you have a Bacon Number! By my calculations, cause Oracle of Bacon hasn’t quite updated to you yet, it should be 3.

    That’s Kevin Bacon, not the other kind.

  5. Moss:

    I’ve interviewed Kevin Bacon face-to-face, so my Bacon Number is actually 1.


    Yes, or my liaisons.

  6. For those who don’t know – the ‘update information’ button on IMDB pages does work, and it’s really easy to add information. (I’m not talking about adding trivia. I’m talking about adding/revising credits.) However, the information is ‘checked’ by IMDB first. (That doesn’t mean inaccurate information doesn’t get through. It just means it’s more of a ‘challenge’. Not that *I* would ever submit inaccurate information, or encourage others to do so.)

  7. Wow, someone crack out the weird melon from Lion King.

    It’s time to smear some goo on someone’s forehead.

    My congratulations.

  8. I don’t know about you…but this is what I found under your listing there:

    External Hemorrhoids? * Stop Suffering! Proven Natural Cure

    Yes folks, a hemorrhoid ad! Interesting indeed!

  9. I just checked and my popularity on IMDB is down 42%.

    Scalzi’s a freakin’ thief. Gimme my points back!

  10. carolelaine – Los Angeles – "There’s only one rule that I know of, babies: Goddamn it, you’ve got to be kind." - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
    Carol Elaine

    I don’t have one (at least not yet – can you get one for being the non-speaking criminal in a not-yet televised crime re-enactment?), but my boyfriend does. And his popularity is down 5% this week.

    Curse you, Scalzi!

  11. paranoyd – I am a father, an aspiring writer, and avid gamer. I am also into horror and scifi. I'm currently the Adventure league Local Coordinator for my area, and I'm really into the new FFG Star Wars RPG system. And I love a good curry.
    Corby Kennard

    I got you beat. I have TWO credits! (At least I did last I checked.)

  12. The first rule of IMDB Club is… talk abut IMDB Club.

    I shall send you your instructions shortly.


  13. I think your Bacon number has to be verifiable through IMDB, or more broadly through the credits of things that were released as filmed entertainment, so the nature of your interview of Kevin Bacon rather matters: if it was on a stage or for a print publication, I don’t know whether it counts.

    Also, given that you’re an author, it may well be possible that through one of your co-authors you have an Erdos number, especially if you’ve co-authored anything with pretty much any sort of academic. Which means that you might have an Erdos-Bacon number.

  14. So then what do I do if I decide I want to have lunch with you?

    Call myself? Because John sure as heck isn’t going to do anything in that respect. :P

  15. Erbo – Second Life Resident, EVE Online capsuleer, virtual community maven, software engineer, computer geek, SF fan, conservative, cat lover. Also, The Game.

    “Why don’t you leave a message with my girl, or have lunch with your machine…” :-)

  16. *I* think you should post the cover photo from ‘Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded’.

    But that’s just me. ;-)

  17. You’re actually not a man until people start speculating on the IMDB messageboards about your sexuality, scandalous lover on the side, favourite breakfast food, and laundry detergent of choice.

  18. Smaur:

    Vanilla, none, none and Gain.

    That was easy!


    Well, after you call yourself, then you call me and tell me what you said. It’s simple!

    (For everyone missing the joke: Megan acted as one of my liaisons at the ConQuest convention last weekend.)

  19. I have a sneaking suspicion that ‘popularity’ is a figure calculated entirely on how many people view your IMDB page one week as opposed to another. Legotech’s page (at the top of the thread) indicates their popularity is up over 700% this week. Meaning perhaps that 7 people have viewed their page this week, and 1 person did last week.

    For example, if I posted a link to “my” IMDB page, I suspect it would also rise in popularity.

    As I post this, I am down 62% in popularity this week. Let’s see how quickly that changes.

    (note: “my” is in quotations, as while the individual referenced on the page and I share a name, he’s dead, I’m not, and I suspect we aren’t even related. So I will not benefit in the slightest from anyone here following the link.)

  20. crotchetyoldfan – The Crotchety Old Fan is Steve Davidson, also know as Rimworlder on many SF forums. Steve maintains the Rim Worlds Concordance project which is devoted to the works of A. Bertram Chandler and his most enduring character - Commodore John Grimes of the Rim Worlds Naval Reserve. Grimes is science fiction’s original ‘Horatio Hornblower of Space’. More information about Chandler, Grimes and the Rim Worlds can be found at Steve also maintains a visual index of volume 1, number 1 pulp science fiction magazines on the same website and is a devoted collector of the same. ‘I’m an ‘old’ SF fan, which you can take whichever way you like, as I love the old masters (Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, E.F. Russell, Piper, Cordwainer Smith) and I’m well beyond the age you’re not supposed to trust anymore’. This blog is devoted to an investigation of the growing divide between ‘old’ - or ‘classic’ science fiction and the moderan literary genre that is currently sold under the same name. Steve has also begun writing reviews for, expects to be doing the same for, and is contributing various non-fiction pieces to various other websites, all of them concerned with science fiction of one stripe or another. Early in 2008 he became completely disappointed with the SciFi Channel and created The Classic Science Fiction Channel website that gathers links to public domain radio, television, film and literary properties. Steve had a successful non-fiction writing career - writing articles and books dealing primarily with the paintball industry (Four books and several hundred articles including editorializing, product reviews, sports reporting, educational and more) - which he has since given up in favor of blogging and fiction. (Leaving the paintball industry after 25 years.) One final book on this subjected is scheduled to be released in early 2009 (A Parent's Guide To Paintball). Current work on fiction includes several completed novellettes/novellas curently in submission hell and various chapters of three novels. Freely distributed current work - including several chapters of a science fiction/paintball novel and a pulp/comic book/fairy tale mashup can be found on his website.
    steve davidson


    given your profession, I think you should have titled the piece “Today I am a fountain pen” – as long as you were reaching for the Bar Mitzvah allusions.

    Not sure who said it first – George Burns, Henny Youngman, Jerry Lewis, Mel Brooks or Woody Allen – but you’d be in good IMDB company…

  21. My only movie appearance was as an unnamed extra who was baptized in the Jordan river* just before Jesus, in a movie you never heard of. See if curious. No IMDb page, no Bacon number.

    I firmly believe that the Scalzi’s trivia page should include a reference to the bacon cat incident, just so folks can say, “Oh, that Scalzi!”

    * The one in Utah, not the one in Isreal and/or Jordan.

  22. I am friends with at least four people who are also in IMDB. Two of them were voices and/or artists for video games and one is a playwright and also was in a movie filmed in New York. The fourth has worked on films in various capacities in Pittsburgh. It is likely that three of them will be at Confluence.

  23. Well, since there is so much other shameless promotion in this thread:

    I was lucky to get roman numeral “I”; roman numeral “II” is an adult film star.

    Getting notes through IMDB intended for the other guy is pretty entertaining….

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