All Dressed Up

Two notes regarding this picture I just found of me and Krissy at the Heinlein Centennial a couple of years ago:

1. Wife (who dyed her hair Heinlein Heroine Red for the occasion) = very very pretty.

2. My eyebrows apparently have no natural arch to them whatsoever. I think it makes me look vaguely botoxed. For the record: I do not botox.

Picture found here.

25 Comments on “All Dressed Up”

  1. Christopher,

    May I humbly suggest that you NOT say, “Look at this picture and dye your hair to look like that”. It’s a sure loser of a strategy.

  2. wow,
    dude, your wife is hot. I know its been said before, but dang that hair color sweetens the deal.

  3. Krissy also has an exceptionally lovely, infectious sort of smile. =)

  4. You clean up real nice, John. :) I think the real question is, “Are you wearing pants?” I know Phil Plait avoids them at every opportunity.

    I think that color is about the same as the one I use. It looks great on her. Good taste on that front, too.

    PS: I just finished the last of the OMW series audiobooks from Brilliant! Thank you for writing them. :D I’m so glad that you wrote ZT, as I wondered what happened on her end during TLC. I laughed; I cried; Cats was tripe compared to this.

  5. For all the photographers running around that event, I thought there would be more photos.

    And furthermore, where was *I* in the picture above, mmmm? Is that when I was inexplicably kidnapped for three seconds by secret photo taking ninjas?


    You guys look great!

  6. John, you totally look like you’re saying “Call now! Out operators are standing by!”

    Though I know – somehow – that you’re not actually dead inside all the way through!


  7. Nathan,

    Actually my wife dyes her hair all the time and is always looking for a cool shade of red to try.

  8. I’ve seen some pretty fake-looking red hair jobs but that is definitely not the case here. Hubba-hubba.

  9. I snorted my water through my nose when you felt like you had to explain that you don’t do botox. As if to imply that some thinks that you paid for that look.

  10. You don’t look botoxed, you look emoticoned
    _ _
    O O

    Krissy, on the other hand, looks like a woman that would totally belong in a RAH novel. Just saying.

  11. It’s the quick removal of the glasses that gives you some kind of Kung-fu Fighting stance I’m not familiar with.

    And as everybody has said above, it just confirms that Krissy is damn hot, and you totally married up.

  12. Heck it’s not just the tie. The whole suit has a shimmer to it. That’s a high threadcount.

  13. Ah. I volunteered for the Centennial but couldn’t make it out there. Looks like a great time was had by all.

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