All Dressed Up

Two notes regarding this picture I just found of me and Krissy at the Heinlein Centennial a couple of years ago:

1. Wife (who dyed her hair Heinlein Heroine Red for the occasion) = very very pretty.

2. My eyebrows apparently have no natural arch to them whatsoever. I think it makes me look vaguely botoxed. For the record: I do not botox.

Picture found here.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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You clean up real nice, John. :) I think the real question is, “Are you wearing pants?” I know Phil Plait avoids them at every opportunity.

I think that color is about the same as the one I use. It looks great on her. Good taste on that front, too.

PS: I just finished the last of the OMW series audiobooks from Brilliant! Thank you for writing them. :D I’m so glad that you wrote ZT, as I wondered what happened on her end during TLC. I laughed; I cried; Cats was tripe compared to this.

For all the photographers running around that event, I thought there would be more photos.

And furthermore, where was *I* in the picture above, mmmm? Is that when I was inexplicably kidnapped for three seconds by secret photo taking ninjas?


You guys look great!

You don’t look botoxed, you look emoticoned
_ _

Krissy, on the other hand, looks like a woman that would totally belong in a RAH novel. Just saying.

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