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Harlan Ellison: Dreams With Sharp Teeth

Watched Dreams With Sharp Teeth this evening, which I had recorded on the DVD a few days back when it premiered on Sundance Channel. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a documentary about Harlan Ellison, and if you don’t know who Harlan Ellison is, please drown yourself now. I liked the film, although […]

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GM, Bankrupt

Dan Neil, The Los Angeles Times’ Pulitzer Prize-winning car reviewer, says basically all that need be said about GM’s path to bankruptcy in this article, so I encourage you to read it and think on it. My own not-particularly-well-informed opinion on the bankruptcy is that it’s sad it’s come to this, and also very probably […]

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New Project Underway

Quick note to Whatever readers: I’m starting a new project today and it figures to be fairly time intensive, and I expect that for June at least I’m likely to devote most of my writing budget to it. Indeed, the plan is that from 9am to 4pm (or so) each day I’ll be yanking the […]

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METAtropolis Booklist Review, Plus Hugo Thoughts

METAtropolis, which has you may recall is nominated for a Hugo this year in Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form, has gotten the first review for its book form, from Booklist, and it is excellent: Scalzi and his contributors/collaborators have created a fascinating shared urban future that each of them evokes with his or her particular […]

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