New Hampshire

Now allowing same-sex marriage (or will be as of January 1). People started e-mailing me about it when it passed the legislature, but I was waiting for it to be signed into law. It’s been signed.

Andrew Sullivan comments on the New Hampshire governor asking for (and getting) wording that exempts religious groups and clergy from being required to perform or participate in same-sex marriages, and how that might make a difference in whether same-sex marriages passes muster in other states. Now, mind you, the First Amendment allows them to beg off from doing this anyway, so this little bit of verbiage is redundant. But if it helps get people their rights to say it twice, I don’t see a problem putting it in there.


For the fifth consecutive year, Athena’s been awarded the Creative Writing Award at the end of the school year ceremonies, and as you can see she’s rather demurely pleased about the accomplishment. I’ve warned her not to get cocky. She told me to take a seat, old man. Kids these days.

Thus concludes another school year; fourth grade is now in the rear-view mirror and fifth grade is coming up fast. But between there and here are three months of summer. The first “I’m bored” of the summer, incidentally, came about five minutes after the closing school bell. Good to know she’s not slacking off.

Today’s Subject For Discussion While I’m Off Writing, 6/3/09

It took the Beatles five years to go from “Love Me Do” to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.