If you’re at all interested in where the current sub-head comes from, it comes here:

The song is originally from Don Henley’s first solo album, I Can’t Stand Still.

The God Engines ARC Contest Winners

First off: There were over 600 entries, which is pretty awesome. Thank you.

Second: Bill and I couldn’t choose between our two favorites, so we picked them both. Because we can. So there.

Remember the contest was: Alternate titles of books that could use the artwork for The God Engines.

Here are the winners, with their names listed as “authors”:


Dave, Biff, send me an e-mail from the e-mail address you use to comment here, with your physical mailing addresses. I’ll forward them on to Subterranean Press, who will pop your ARCs in the mail (which means they’ll actually get to you — unlike if I sent them; I suck at order fulfillment).

Congrats, and thanks everyone for playing!

Quick Note Re: God Engines Contest

We have winners, which I will announce sometime after I hit my writing quota for the day — and have a few moments to play with Photoshop. Patience!

Sobbable Science Fiction

There aren’t very many science fiction films that can make me cry — there are just three of them, in fact. I tell you which ones they are and why over at AMC today. If there are science fiction films that make you cry too — besides in the “man, this is so painful it hurts to watch” sort of way — mention which they are in the comment thread over there.