Daily Archives: June 7, 2009

The New York Times: We May Slide Into Irrelevancy But At Least We Update Daily

The New York Times is engaging in another one of its those delightfully passive aggressive stories it does about blogs, this time focusing — about a decade too late — on the bloggers who quit blogging when they realize that just because they write something online doesn’t mean anyone is going to know it is […]

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Damn, and I Was Psyched for Electro-Woman and Dyna-Girl: The Movie

Movie note: Land of the Lost tanked this weekend with less than $20 million in box office — an amount very close to what Speed Racer brought in when it tanked in its first weekend last year. And thus, I expect, ends Hollywood’s big attempt to monetize Gen-X childhood nostalgia. I am not myself overly […]

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