The Zombie John Lennon Has Risen From the Grave and Gnaws You, Yeah Yeah Yeah

Either that or Paul McCartney’s secret carnivore tendencies have finally been outed!

From earlier this morning.

11 Comments on “The Zombie John Lennon Has Risen From the Grave and Gnaws You, Yeah Yeah Yeah”

  1. Looks like someone is triggering a rain of terra, drooping Beatles on cattail wrenches across the glob.

    Remember folks: Sometimes the spell-checker just isn’t enough.

  2. Is that just a screen-capture, not an actual link? I’m clicking on it but it’s not playing.

  3. …and this, children, is why it’s so very important to pay attention to proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  4. They did the same thing on the show Bones. I guess the forensic consultants were working the day they wrote that episode.

  5. I can attest to the efficacy of these particular insects. My better half’s former boss, (who, admittedly, has a professional reason for it, being a zoo veterinarian), had several terraria populated with carrion beetles where he would put the bones (usually the skull) of dead animals for thorough cleaning to make them ready for close study.

    Two things about this approach that are not readily apparent from the video: the time scale (it takes weeks, if not months), and the *stench*.

    Decaying flesh + Florida in summer = Don’t eat nearby

  6. Thanks for the link, john. Very cool video.

    (And they’ve fixed the typo, too. But it is forever preserved on Whatever!)

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