Why I Appreciate Askimet

Because none of the 175 comment spam attempts in the last couple of hours actually managed to hit the site. Yes, it caught one real person’s comment by mistake, but I freed that, and anyway, a 99%+ success rate works for me.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I want to know how you can have a comment spam rate as low as 175 over a couple of hours on such a high-pr0file blog. My blog gets very little traffic, but Akismet catches over 100 blogspammers heading my way every hour, 24/7….

As the guy in the prison in “Life of Brian” says, “You lucky, lucky bastard!”

John, are you drinking from the same batch of Coke Zero as me? I just wrote a post on this topic scheduled for the week after next.

Of course, I talk about how not to get out of my install of Askimet, which is to tell me not to be an @$$hole and delete the comment. At that point, it’s spam no matter who wrote it. (Yes, this happened. I wish I’d saved a copy before sending it off to Askimet hell.)

God, I love Askimet! It even lets me mess with the abusive commenters. Of which there are few. So I have time to be REALLY sadistic with them. [Cue Vincent Price laughing.]

Askimet never worked for me nearly as well as the WP-SpamFree has. I used to get tons of false positives and uncaught spam postings with Askimet; since I’ve switched to SpamFree those have stopped entirely. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who’s finding that Askimet isn’t enough for the job.

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