I’m SUPER far behind on e-mail. Just in case you sent me some recently and am wondering if my not responding means I think you’re the worst person in the world or something. No, I don’t. Unless you are. In which case I do.

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  1. How could you think that anyone is the worst person in the world when it’s obvious that the worst person is you, for being so far behind on e-mail? I mean, jeez. I bet Nero would have kept up with HIS e-mail, if he’d had e-mail…

  2. I half considered sending you mail to make you further behind, but that would just be evil.

  3. Me, I’m not doing so bad – I just got caught up with ALL of May’s messages…

  4. Worst person algorithm for discerning you are the worst person in the world:

    Send Scalzi email
    Scalzi reads email
    Worst person in the world?
    Is your name Dick Cheney? Yes -> Worst Person Mod
    No -> Is your name Axl Rose Yes ->Worst Person Mod
    No -> Did you vote yes on Prop 8 Yes ->Worst Person Mod
    No -> Do you eat soy bacon -> Yes Worst Person Mod
    No -> Are you Spencer Pratt -> Yes Worst Person Mod
    No -> Scazli is behind on his email

    Worst Person Mod
    Ignore email
    Delete person from Contacts Folder
    Grade person’s hate mail
    Tape bacon to his/her cat
    Go kill zombies with Athena
    End If

    [Note: This is pseudocode. Were it real code, I might have written something that, yanno, worked.]

  5. Phew! That’s a relief.

    …so, if you were exposed to kryptonite, would you then end up being less behind?

  6. Yeah, it had to be pseudocode. ‘Cause if it were a real programming language, like FORTRAN, the compiler would gently remind you with the Sledgehammer Of Epic FAIL that having an END IF statement without a preceding and properly written IF statement isn’t allowed in Kosher FORTRAN. (grin)

    *** FATAL ERROR 0001
    END IF
    __ 1 __ Fatal Errors

    No code generated.

    Compiler runtime 0.006 seconds.

    Dr. Phil

  7. I wanted to thank you for Zoe’s Tale, i finished it last week and loved it. I also want to thank you for recommending “One Second After”, I finished it yesterday. Not only is it very good, I think it is an important book.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work.


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