Out For the Day

Because I’m helping Krissy clean the house. Shut up, I am. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Sure, sure. I want photos. And not cat photos, either. Ghlaghghee and Zeus are not proof you cleaned unless you mounted one of them on the end of a broom handle to use as a mop.

    Which, having owned cats in a previous life, I can attest is a really bad idea.

  2. “Honey, you missed a spot.”

    Next post…

    “John is in the hospital with a concussion seeming brought on my a mop-shaped object.”

  3. And when you’re done there, I have a kitchen pantry that needs re-arranging. The ultimate in cat-waxing! (you can thank me later…)

  4. Hey, it makes sense in this world. I just finished mowing the lawn and my husband is starting the stir fry for dinner. What works. (well, the cats don’t, but …)

  5. J. Elaine – that tends to be our division of labor, too. I actually like mowing the lawn. Besides, I need the exercise more than he does.

  6. Of course you are helping to clean the house, the couch isn’t a comfortable place to sleep for more than just a nap.

  7. Back when we had a lawn, it was my wife’s job to do the mowing. (I developed allergies to pollen, and such, and she was the one that “NEEDED” the lawn mowed weekly. Can you say “compulsive?” I knew you could.) I would mostly prepare dinner, since I got back to the house a little sooner. That Christmas, I bought her a household tool kit (Craftsmen pliers, Socket set, screw drivers, adjustable wrench, that sort of thing). And she bought me a hand hammered Chinese wok. Our daughter (and granddaughter) were staying with us, she complained that we were wierd and confusing the grand daughter about “cooking, cleaning, home repair, and all”. It’s true, the grand daughter just graduated from high school and has never cooked a thing other than microwaving the odd pancake or frozen waffle.

  8. I respect your cleanliness. I made my husband vacuum, mow, and dust today. (I got a hurt ankle so vacuuming for me is really slow.)

    I cooked dinner, though. Does that count?

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