Today’s Thing to Keep You Busy While I’m Away

And I’m away with not just typing today — I have errands to run and real live people to see. I know! Real live people! Who would have thought.

So, while I’m away, I crave your thoughts on the following topic:

Best ice cream flavor that (to your knowledge) has yet to be invented. No fair checking to see what weird flavors they’ve invented in Japan. The idea is to make a flavor you actually want to eat, but can’t, because no one’s whipped it up yet, so far as you know.

Go on, thrill me. I could use some ice cream right about now, actually.

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  1. Bing Cherry Road would be my choice, a heavenly mash up of Bing cherry ice cream and Rocky Road.
    I’ve never seen this in a store but have made my own by adding the cherries to Rocky road in a blender and then pushing the mix button. You can either eat it as a thich shake or put it back in the freezer to reset for later.

    Either way, yum city 8D

  2. Personally I think it would be kind of fun if someone came up with Cookie-dough-fudge-mint-chip Ice cream.

    (From the Angel episode “I Will Remember You”.)

  3. Grapefruit Verbena Sorbet

    Dulce de Leche and Salted Macadamia Gelato

    I had at least six others that I felt sure were unknown, but sadly Google reports otherwise. (As far as I’m concerned, “to your knowlege” in 2009 has to include googling.)

  4. Mint ice cream with Reeses peanut butter cups.

    I got hooked on it by a friend who took me to Coldstones, and then I started making the people at DQ make it for me. =)

  5. To my knowledge, no one has ever created an orange-sasparilla flavor, either as a traditional ice cream or as a sorbet/sherbet. I would love to try this, for the nostalgia factor alone – my grandfather used to whip up these orange soda/sasparilla concoctions for all us grandkids that were simply heavenly. That taste is childhood, to me.

  6. Chocolate. I mean real chocolate. Not the weak stuff you get usually and not the falsely “Belgian” or “Swiss” chocolate, but something with real dark cocoa in it. Like these 90% cocoa minimum guaranteed bars. Stuff that’ll keep you awake all night if you have the audacity of even trying a double scoop cone.

  7. Milk chocolate ice cream with big chunks of smashed Zagnut bar.
    Currently available, without checking Google, only in my freezer.
    I don’t know if buying it prepackaged would really work, however, as I fear for soggy toasted coconut.

  8. Sad Angel episode – :(

    Ice cream flavors – :)

    But I am a woman of simple tastes. Hrm. I would say Yangledo flavored ice cream, but I vaguely recall Yangledo flavored… sorbet? in Taiwan. Well! Ice cream is not sorbet. So Yangledo.

    Is there honeysuckle ice cream? It wouldn’t really work with ice cream though; the flavor should be delicate. Sorbet, maybe, for this one.

  9. I shall be monitoring this thread for ideas for my husband’s and my ice-cream-making hobby. Our next attempt is key lime ice cream, but that’s been invented many times before.

  10. As far as I know, nobody’s ever done chocolate blueberry, and they really should.

  11. maple bacon ice cream.

    maple walnut is a tried and true flavor. and who doesn’t love when the syrup gets on the bacon at breakfast?

  12. I want PLAIN ice cream… As in NO TASTE at all.

    I know it’s usually called ice, and is made from water (even pure water) but try making ice from cream and then canceling out the flavor to make it taste like pure ice.

    That’d be a trick.

    Is that a pig in the sky?

  13. ioresult @ #12, I often make my own chocolate ice cream by mixing unsweetened cocoa powder (NOT chocolate milk mix, mind you) with vanilla ice cream. I imagine it would be possible to vary the amount so as to make it as dark as one wants. If you try this, please be advised that it can take a while to stir it together so that it’s all properly chocolatey (no lurking lumps of unmixed vanilla). Thawing the ice cream before stirring might be a good idea, though I usually do it straight from the freezer.

    I also enjoy a self-made flavor blend–might as well call it “Rob’s House Blend”–using the cocoa-spiked vanilla described above and mixing in a spoonful of peanut butter, a smaller spoonful of shredded coconut, and a pinch of cinnamon. All of these flavors mix well with chocolate, but all are distinct enough to be separately tasteable when mixed together. Lately I’ve been making malts out of this stuff.

  14. Elder blossom ice cream.

    No kidding. No reference to Monty Python’s elderberries line either. There’s a very refreshing summer drink that can be made by soaking said elder blossoms in a mixture of water, lemon juice and sugar and let it ferment for a few days. In fact, there’ some fermenting in my kitchen as we speak.

    There’s a picture here, if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

    If I were to make such ice cream, I’d just put some blossoms in cream and refrigerate for a few days. A touch of lemon might not be amiss.

  15. The French Toast ice cream idea gets my vote, actually. Particularly, you know, if you could throw in some coconut and chocolate chips with it.

  16. There’s a little ice cream shop on Chincoteague Island called The Island Creamery that makes a delicious peanut butter cream ice cream. Best ice cream ever

  17. It would seem that, if it’s edible, someone has already made an ice cream flavor out of it.

  18. I want chili-cheese-jalapeño flavored ice cream. Think: typical Sonic comfort food, sans the tater tots, and presented in a cold and refreshing summertime format. How could it go wrong?

  19. #27 @Laur : totally unrelated to ice cream, but I just had to thank you for pointing me to the solution of a mystery that’s been plaguing me since the start of summer. Small berries grow along the walking path I take every morning here in Germany and I’ve seen people eating them but had no idea what they were. Then I saw your picture and realized I’d taken a similar one in the spring. Scooby Doo has nothing on you! Your ice cream tastes of WIN!

  20. Well, we have a shop — Denise’s Homemade — on N. High Street here in Columbus where the {insert obscure term for professional ice cream maker} makes all the traditional flavors supplemented with experiments like Salted Popcorn, Dill Pickle, Carrot Cake and Guinness Stout.

    And, Megan@22, he makes a Chai.

  21. Tamarind sorbet/vanilla


    chocolate with cinnamon, cyanne and orange peel


    cheddar cheese

    just cheddar cheese. Think about it.

  22. Oh dear. Considering this is *your* blog…somehow when I read this I thought of bacon. And then, I saw some French toast mentioned…then…my mouth started watering…because…

    Big Belly Breakfast Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream mixed with bits of French toast (cinnamon, of course), maple syrup, and bits of nice crispy bacon mixed together.

    This I want to try…I figure the salt of the bacon would be nicely off-set by the sweetness of the vanilla and syrup.

  23. In my childhood I lived in Panama for a few years, where I got to have soursop milk shake (guanabana in Spanish). If it exists in milk shake form, it must exist in ice cream form.

    From the Wikipedia article, to whet your apetite:
    “Comparisons of its flavour range from strawberry and pineapple mixed together to sour citrus flavour notes contrasting with an underlying creamy roundness of flavour reminiscent of coconut or banana.”

  24. Guinness ice cream that doesn’t taste like ass would be a great place to start. Yes, I’m aware that many have tried, and still others would believe this to be a pointless exercise.

    To those posters here who have suggested some variation of “combine ice cream flavor (x) and fruit/candy flavor (y)“:

    Hie thee to an ice cream chain such as Marble Slab or Cold Stone whose business model revolves around providing just such combinations upon demand. Much satisfaction (or perhaps disappointment) will be achieved. A shout out to Amy’s, a local chain and my favorite flavor: Cop Stop, coffee ice cream and powdered sugar donuts. NOM NOM NOM.

  25. @CamTurner: Try “sweet cream” ice cream. It’s basically vanilla without the vanilla.

    What I would really like would be malted cake batter ice cream with copious amounts of chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chips, and a caramel ribbon. And real chocolate sprinkles on top.

    I’d settle for being able to get decent maple ice cream without nuts in it, though.

  26. Violet Crumble icecream.

    Those candy bar things are the best food ever, I can only imagine that the icecream would be even better…

  27. I want a black raspberry and peanut butter ice cream. My favorite sandwich, in a less convenient form!

  28. @David H:

    This isn’t ice cream, but have you heard of chuabing? Shaved ice? You have this finely crushed ice, over which you pour various creams and syrups to your liking (usually involving red beans and condensed milk, in Asia, but not required), and then throw toppings on like a madman. One of my favorite toppings is basically this candied yam stuff :)

  29. The Guy and I were discussing this last night, as we were eating the dinner of brats and homemade cornbread I’d cooked for us. We were talking ice cream. Then we were talking cornbread. Then suddenly I suggested honey ice cream with a crunchy cornbread swirl.

    He said he’d eat the hell out of that. Then he looked at me and said, “That’s not a challenge, Steph. I just think it has possibilities.”

    Tee hee.

  30. Dreamsicle Malt ice cream (Dreamsicle: orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.)

    Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp ice cream.

    Lavender Honey ice cream.

    Blueberry Brownie ice cream.

    Now I’m hungry.

  31. Seriously though, I’ve had Guiness floats (scoop of vanilla bean ice cream in a pint of Guiness) and it’s good. If they could somehow combine those flavors into a real workable Guiness ice cream, I can die a happy man.

  32. Y’all, if you like interesting yet yummy flavor combinations and you’re in Los Angeles, try Scoops. They’ve got quite a following (including my boyfriend and me) and they manage to pull off flavors like Chocolate Jack Daniels, Marscapone Oreo and Pistachio Jasmine. They also usually serve four or five vegan flavors, which is what my boyfriend craves.

    This review describes it best.

  33. I imagine someone’s already suggested BACON in the comments, so I’ll have to suggest the next best thing, which for me would be pepper ice cream. Seriously, black pepper ice cream would probably be really good.

  34. I’d go for caipirinha sorbet.

    As an aside I had the egg and bacon icecream at The Fat Duck – (supposedly the best restaurant in the UK but I thought overall it sucked). It was kinda interesting but like the whole restaurant, all theatre-orientated not flavour-orientated.

  35. Oh and @writtenwyrdd – I had mascarpone and black pepper ice ream at Gordon Ramsays – it was amazing.

  36. @25 – the Chocolate Coyote in Madison made this choco/chayenne/coffee combo…don’t know if they are still on state st . ..

  37. I think a jalapeño chili cheese ice cream would be interesting, along with a lemon grass, coconut milk and white wine sorbet. While we’re talking sorbets and alcohol though, I’d mention that if you really must use tequila in an iced dessert you should always splurge for a really, really good bottle of the stuff. Cheap tequila is for making young people feel brave, expensive tequila is the real deal. I’ve also had a bit of a really, really old bottle of rum before that was almost a syrup – if I could bring myself to do it, that stuff would do just fine as a condiment on vanilla ice cream without any other adornments.

  38. I had a chance to try *real* swiss chocolate in my younger days. What they call chocolate or even ‘swiss chocolate’ in the States does not compare. I’d love to see mint (swiss) chocolate chip thickly mixed with (swiss) fudge ice cream and (swiss) chocolate brownies.

    Why yes, I do like chocolate, why do you ask?

  39. Steve@55,

    Baskin Robbins has/had a watermelon sherbert. However, the flavor profile seems to have changed since my childhood, and become more sour with added candy. Sigh. Plus, the damn kids won’t get off my lawn.

  40. Oh, that is a good question. A friend had some lobster ice cream on the Cape (Cape Cod) a few weeks ago and thought it was good (sweet cream base with bits of real lobster).

    Personally, I’m thinking almond tequila sherbet. Not ice cream, but not sorbet either. You need a hint of creaminess to really take that almond to new and fabulous places. That reminds me, I have a bottle of almond tequila from my trip to Mexico – Experiment time!

  41. Just last night I was on the phone with a friend and she was telling me about the buttermilk-mojito-blueberry sorbet she had just made. Buttermillk-lime-mint sorbet, with whole blueberries mixed in.

    A friend of mine once ordered Circus Peanut ice cream from a local dairy. The candy is banana flavored, so they put it in a banana ice cream with a swirl of caramel.

    I wonder if one could make a cheese ice cream. They’re both dairy products, but would the saltiness throw it off?

    I am relentlessly mundane in my ice cream tastes. My addiction at Maggie Moo’s is chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups and brownies chopped into it.

    I would also go for dark chocolate gelato with chocolate mint cookies (e.g. girl scout Thin Mints) chopped in.

  42. I’ve never seen a goddamn raspberry ice cream. Raspberry! It’s so simple and obvious. Raspberries get no respect, man. Give it some swirls of caramel and real creamy vanilla…

  43. Crushed Jolly Rancher Firestick swirled into French Vanilla! I even have a name for it “Fire and Ice” cream.

  44. I have never seen my favorite sundae flavors all put together in one ice cream before: Chocolate ice cream with cream cheese brownie bits and a ribbon of caramel. YUM!

  45. I want a summer-flavored ice cream. And then an autumn-flavored one.

    (and I am so storing up a lot of these suggestions for making ice cream this summer. Some great ideas up there.)

  46. Pepsi-butterscotch ice cream. I love sucking on a butterscotch disk and drink Pepsi at the same time.

    (I hope I don’t get banned for saying the “P” word.)

  47. I’ve made dark chocolate Earl Gray ice cream, and have had chai ice cream a bunch of times. Both are great. I’m most intrigued so far by the honey/cornbread ice cream — have to try that one for sure.

    In Chicago there used to be an ice cream company called Vala’s that specialized in ice cream versions of cocktails like white russians and grasshoppers. You could taste the actual liqueurs, yummm.

    My favorite purchased ice cream treats these days are purchased from the Mexican ice cream carts in our neighborhood. They have every fruit you can imagine in both water and cream versions. Their watermelon and mango ice creams are very good, but the mamey ice cream is my favorite. Although the rice ice cream is a close runner up. Think the best rice pudding you ever ate as ice cream.

  48. See, now, I have one of those little Donvier ice cream makers, and every time I get a notion for an unusual flavor, I just make it. Most of the time, it turns out really good, as long as I use top-quality ingredients.

    Including several of the flavors mentioned above: Maple bacon, chai, strawberry-balsamico, lavender-honey, maple-sweet potato (is that close enough to candied yam), Guiness ice cream that doesn’t taste like ass (add a shot of espresso. Srsly). And raspberry, every summer, from the raspberries in my own garden (the trick is to run the ripe berries through a sieve to get the seeds out and add a tablespoon or so of vodka to the puree to act as anti-freeze).

    Also: Coconut milk ice cream scented with ginger and lemongrass, buttermilk lemon (with bits of candied lemon zest), rose petal-saffron, etc. etc. And now I have some new ideas…

  49. White chocolate.

    Not chunks of white chocolate mixed in but actually white chocolate ice-cream.

  50. My father-in-law has made blue cheese ice cream… it was edible but not encouraging. I personally wish for an avocado-cilantro ice cream…

  51. Grand Fromage @72 Haagen Dazs makes white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream that is pretty darn tasty.

  52. I am fond of vanilla. Seriously. I dabble in other flavors, but I return, fairly consistently, to vanilla. So, what I’d like to see is the quintessential vanilla ice cream, the one and only carton, box, or tub of ice cream I would ever need to buy. I mean, I’ve had some pretty good vanilla ice cream, but I want a vanilla that knocks my socks off. And, really, I think that might be more difficult than maple-french-toast-with-bacon-and-sausage ice cream (which might also be worth a taste…).

  53. Strawberry & Pretzel.

    Me and my buddies “invented” this concoction back in our college “daze”. If you catch my drift. Even now, 7 or 8 years later, its absolutely delicious.

  54. Grand Fromage @72 Haagen Dazs makes white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream that is pretty darn tasty.

    See, this is the problem. Raspberry only ever shows up as part of a mix, and usually as the junior partner. Give me pure raspberry! (And I know mine wasn’t pure, quiet)

  55. This thread is reminding me of those “Iron Chef” episodes where they’d figure out a way to put the theme ingredient into the ice cream, regardless of what it was, like squid ink.

  56. Baked homemade chocolate chip cookie. When I bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies (Joy of Cooking recipe), I canNOT stop myself from cramming them into my face endlessly. in between slurps of milk. if that flavor is ever available in ice cream I will die. I’ll take one taste of it and I will up and die. and I will have died happy.

  57. I saw this once on good eats….Avocado Ice Cream. So creamy! Kinda healthy, so long as eaten in the right portion size. Avocado’s are so good on everything else an ice cream made out of them has got to be heaven!!

  58. David@97,

    Avocado shakes- available at Vietnamese restaurants- are good, so you may have a winner. (Hmmm- preserved lemon sorbet…..)

  59. Well, my father would like Mandarin Orange Chocolate Sherbert. He said it was made a long time ago, but no longer.

    I would like to see Adam & Eve Mint. Fig Newton chunks mixed in with mint ice cream.

  60. Passion fruit ice cream. Yes, I know you can get passion fruit sorbet (and it’s delicious), but it’s not ice cream. I want an ice cream with all the tartness of passion fruit but the creaminess of ice cream.

    I’ve never had an ice cream that captures tartness in any flavor, actually. Raspberry ice cream is too sweet to really represent raspberries, for instance. Lemon, lime and orange ice creams similarly have no bite to them. Creaminess seems to be the antithesis of tartness. Isn’t there a way to do both? I’d love to eat the result.

  61. Violet flavoured ice cream. Preferably with the intensity of the violet liqueur they sell in Southern France. It would go well in vanilla, or in a bitter chocolate base.

    Mind you, I’ll eat violet-flavoured anything.

  62. Chocolate chunk caramel marshmellow strawberry shortcake frozen yogurt (I can’t eat ice cream.)

  63. Chocolate and sea salt. Actually, what I really want is an ice cream that mimics dipping french fries in a Frosty. But “Chocolate and french fries” would probably get soggy fast, and I bet large pieces of sea salt would stay together fine.

    Also: Habanero. (Spicy ice creams work really well. My friend used to make ice cream with Thai green curry paste, and serve it with coconut sorbet – fantastic!)

    Really, though, it sounds like John’s just fishing for someone to come up with a Coke Zero granita and provide a recipe.

  64. Terry, there may be a chemical limitation on that. Sourness is generally an acid effect, and enough acid will curdle cream.

  65. My ice cream person makes blueberry buttermilk ice cream at the height of blueberry season. It is what blueberry cheesecake has aspired to be all these years.

    She also makes ice cream with local buckwheat honey when that’s in season, and that is a thing of great awesomeness, particularly sprinkled with dark Ghirardelli chips.

  66. Terry, I’ve had passion fruit ice cream (not sorbet) at Sebastian Joe’s in Minneapolis. It’s very rare but very good, and yes, veryvery tart.

    The person I referred to as “my ice cream person” in the above comment is at Pumphouse Creamery in Minneapolis, and she has made a swirled vanilla ice cream/mango-passion fruit sorbet combo that’s in my freezer right now.

  67. A friend was telling me the other day that he sometimes softens vanilla, adds Tabasco sauce, then re-freezes it for later. The combo of hot and cold is remarkable, he says, and I bought some vanilla today to try it this weekend.

    The local place serves wasabi, Guiness (OK for one or two bites only), green tea (which my 10yo kid loves), and all sorts of other interesting flavors, rotated over the year. I’ve also come across cricket ice cream. I wonder what gravy ice cream would taste like?


  68. Thai Iced Tea would make a really tasty ice cream. Someday I will get around to buying some so I can make it at home instead of only getting it in restaurants. And then I will put it in the ice cream maker.

  69. @31: durian icecream does exist, and it doesn’t smell – freezing it freezes the smell also. Personally, I think it’s delicious!

    @45: soursop icecream also exists, and its one of my favourite types of icecream. For any Australians out there, there is a recipe for it Stephanie Alexander’s Cook’s Companion.

    An icecream not to try – basil icecream, with so much basil in it that you have to chew it. I speak from experience…

  70. considering I’m lactose intolarant mine would be lactose free and include Figs, Letchee, amonds, and carmel.

    Named Heaven.

  71. Dark chocolate ice cream with lime sherbet swirled in. I’ve seen combinations of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet for a Dreamsicle flavor, but I like the idea of chocolate and lime.

    This is such a timely topic, since I’ve got about a quart and a half of mango custard mix chilling in the fridge, ready to be made into mango ice cream tomorrow as a surprise for my Dad. :)

  72. I had raspberry ice cream just a couple of weeks ago. It’s one of the most common flavors in Hungary. Ask for “málna”.

    Ben & Jerry’s did a limited-edition honey ice cream a couple of years ago that was awesomely delicious.

    I’ve often thought I’d like to try an ice cream sundae made with plain vanilla ice cream and a licorice sauce. Licorice is an oddly underused flavor.

  73. Normally I could take or leave licorice, but I remember having licorice flavored ice cream when I was a kid and I’ve found myself craving it an awful lot lately. It was kind of like mint, in that it sort of intensified the coldness of the ice cream.

    In a related note, I found that you can’t make a malt with crushed up roasted pecans and heath bit inclusions unless you have a frosty mixer, or perhaps use some sort of carageenan fake shake mix rather than ice cream and milk as the base. Very disappointing.

  74. Strawberry flavored ice cream with caramel swirls. There used to be a caramel from the UK that was strawberry flavored caramel and it was so wonderful, I have always been puzzled that this combination has not caught on here.

  75. CamTurner @ #24:
    I bought a pack of Cornish ice-cream with no added flavourants (cream, a hint of eggy flavour from the egg(s) used to thicken the custard and a hint of sweet).

    I can’t actually think of an ice-cream flavour I’d like to try htat I haven’t had before, so I’ll settle for the ice-cream flavour I miss the most after having emigrated. Salty liquorice ice-cream; ah, heaven is made from you.

  76. Has anyone ever found chicken mint ice cream? To avoid overpowering the chicken, the mint needs to be one of the tamer varieties

  77. As for the suggestion of licorice, Baskin Robbins used to have that, back when my children were small. That would be 25-30 years ago. Anyway, we had to ban it. Seems the licorice left black stains in clothing that could resist any detergent or additive available.

  78. Port (or muscatel, except I’ve only ever seen that in South Africa) flavoured ice cream could be interesting.

    One of the good local gelateries makes an Amareto gelato that’s probably illegal, it’s got so much Amareto in it it doesn’t freeze properly. You have to eat it from a cup, not a cone, but it’s wonderful…

    I also have had cinnamon ice cream, and it was indeed good. For several years there was a very, very good creative local ice creamery here, until the owners retired and couldn’t find a buyer.

  79. I created vanilla-choc-dragonfruit icecream using vanilla and chocolate icecream, softened and swirled together with diced dragonfruit, then re-frozen.

    It looked really pretty with the black-speckled, blood-red pieces dragonfruit in the brown/white swirls.

    Tasted okay, but not something I’d do often. It was a good way to use up the last scoops of the two tubs of icecream and a dragonfruit that was over-ripe.

  80. Terry@101: I make mango-passion fruit ice cream from Dafruta passion fruit juice concentrate, and have no problem with curdling.

    If you can still find the licorice toffee, it is quite easy to make licorice ice cream by melting them. Lots of recipes on the web.

    Re Violet Crumble (mmmmm!) It is the old-fashioned honeycomb candy (aka hokey-pokey when Nigella made it on her show)wrapped in chocolate. I have seen a recipe where honeycomb candy is crushed and added to plain ice cream. You could do the same with the bars or add the crushed honeycomb to chocolate ice cream.

    And there is burnt caramel ice cream, made from REAL caramel, that is also wonderful and not too sweet.

  81. Huh, I’ve had some of those. Cow tongue ice cream was disappointingly edible (I was hoping for much grosser, not just the vague wrongness that is beef-flavored ice cream with bits of beef in it).

  82. I would try sweet-corn ice cream. But, I would make the caveat that it did not have corm syrup in it. Just the pure, standard ice cream ingredients. Salt and butter optional. :)

  83. Well, it looks like the Japanese beat me to the punch. But I would try the sweet potato ice cream, and both of the flower blossoms creams too.

  84. David H @ 39, Kleinpeter Ice Cream makes a sweet potato pie flavor; not quite candied yams; but oh, so good. They have a very limited distribution, only in south Louisiana and a few places in Mississippi so far; but anyone who’s in the area should try them.

  85. I am a diabetic and there are enough sugar free and no sugar added ice creams for my taste.

    What I would like to see (and never have) is sugar free or no sugar added pralines and cream. Please don’t tell me how you would make a praline without sugar as I am sure I don’t want to know.


  86. I’ve tried an awful lot of ice creams. That said, the french toast sounds wonderful.

    “#30 ghnon 22 Jun 2009 at 3:59 pm

    Balsamico and strawberries. Or balsamico, strawberries and chocolate.”

    Try Bi-Rite Creamery in San Francisco. The salted caramel is also a real treat. As is everything else on the menu…

  87. Absinthe ice cream.

    And I’d absolutely go for the French Toast flavour. And Guinness. And violet.

  88. French toast ice cream sounds wonderful.

    Along the lines of French toast, I’d love to try strawberry pancake ice cream. Strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream are one of our decadent treats, and I think it would make a wonderful ice cream.

  89. When I was at Jeni’s in Columbus a few years ago, they had backyard mint ice cream. Ever since, I’ve been wanting to make sweet tea with mint ice cream. I think it would be the perfect summer treat.

    Also at Jeni’s: pear Reisling sorbet (mmm), salted caramel (drool), and a bunch of other yummy deliciousness that I want right now gimme gimme.

  90. I’ve had green tea ice cream and liked it. I’d like to see a black&white tea with dragonfruit ice cream.

    I’ve read some pretty good ideas but so far the most viable creations that I’ve seen that I would totally go for would be the french-toast and the chai. Those would be awsome!

  91. Fig and fennel. Steep the fennel seeds in the cream and mix in chopped figs- I think both fresh and dry would work. Maybe have a ripple of pureed dried figs that were reconstituted and blended with a little liquorice-y alcohol.

    Steph D. @ 52- I would eat the cornbread ice cream in a heartbeat, but I’d like it better as frozen yogurt. Real yogurt- Greek I like best- over cornbread with honey on top is one of my favorite desserts.

  92. Coffee ice cream.
    My mom had this great dessert that involved 1) a base of
    crispy meringue (unflavored – sugar and eggwhite), 2) a big scoop of coffee ice cream, 3) double-chocolate rum sauce, 4) toasted slivered almonds.

  93. Anything by Blue Bell. A little creamery in Brenham, TX. A very limited distribution area.

  94. A local gelato place makes just about any kind of flavour. They definitely have durian and I think wasabi.

    Also, people asking for licorice, “tiger” flavour with orange and licorice seems pretty common.

    My favourite licorice that I can’t find anymore is peppermint with actual chunks of crushed candy-cane in it.

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