That Inciteful Brandon Sanderson

He’s exhorting his minions to say bad things about me! On Twitter! To which I say: Excellent. Bring it on, meat.

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  1. By the way, in case there was any doubt, Brandon’s doing it with his tongue firmly in cheek, and I’m responding in kind. Don’t confuse this with actual tension, please. We’re pals.

  2. Oh, no, Mommy and Daddy are fighting again. Which way shall I go? Dutiful Scalzi minion or dutiful Sanderson minion?

    My tweets are stuck…..hopefully they show up soon. Darn my connection.

  3. It’s almost enough to make me want a Twitter account. No, wait, it IS enough to make me want one. It’s not quite enough to make me get one, having learned the difference between wanting and needing.

  4. Lovely. I’ve added one for fun with a reference to your recent chapeau choices…and just for good measure started #brandonsandersonlovehate as well.

  5. Are you sure you want to sink to Sanderson’s level? That llama midwife line of his was downright hurtful. Like you’d ever use a stapler!

  6. I’m not Sanderson minion but I would still like to say bad things about Scalzi. I’m guessing that’s ok.

  7. Romeo @10

    Actually I hear by the end of it the llama was begging for Scalzi to bring the stapler back. (Just for reference, John, the nail-gun, epoxy, and Tabasco sauce combination was probably not a good idea.)

  8. Rick @7

    Free in that Twitter doesn’t cost money. It does cost time, of which I have less and which I guard more fiercely.

  9. I’ve read Sanderson’s books and I’ve read Scalzi’s books and Ithink he’s engaging you in order to learn witty repartee.

  10. Ah, the cutthroat world of fiction writers. (soon appearing as a reality series on Bravo)

  11. @21: Funny! And if you get that reference, you’ll appreciate the “Scalzi killed Asmodean” one too.

    This was highly amusing to follow.

  12. Let me know when the videos of them joining an MMO and using power leveled button special effects to depict “ownage” are up on YouTube.

  13. If you weren’t so bad as a writer, you’d be able to publish with your real name, Scalvi.

    [I don’t use Twitter, so I do it here.]

  14. Bring it on, meat.

    The last time you said that, I made you a Bacon Explosion. What’s Sanderson gonna do to top that? Twitterin’ ain’t eatin’ (insert Bill Clinton joke here).

  15. Sanderson? Doesn’t he have something important to do … like bring a twelve-volume magnum opus called The Wheel of Time to a beautiful, satisfying and dramatic conclusion sometime *this* century?

    He should not have time to be tweeting, yet I notice on his site that he has no less than six other projects going at the same time as WoT. Now I learn he has time to twitter? Suddenly I feel a chill… as though millions of words trapped in unfinished tomes cried out and were silenced…

  16. Kia: Hehe. But it seems that book 1 of what turned into an unexpected trilogy is already off to the editors, and I’m sure he has already started on book 2. Re: the other projects – he is a prolific writer, and some of those were probably already in progress when he took on WoT. I know the recently released Warbreaker was a combination of two of his old manuscripts that he reworked into a new story. Unless Brandon gets flattened by a bus–Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid–I don’t really worry about his ability to finish WoT. :)

  17. Inciteful, you say?

    It’s not a word in my dictionary. I hope it’s not in yours, either.


  18. It’s a pun, Bob. A portmanteau-malaprop pun. Which I think should be called a portmalapropun, but there IS a reason lexicographers shudder and make averting signs when my name is mentioned.

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