Today’s Obligatory Michael Jackson-Related Video

Also one of my more favorite mash-ups.

For the impatient, the music begans at about 1:30.

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  1. Fred Astaire was idolized by none other than Baryshnikov. It’s actually a good mashup, b/c Astaire was also impressed with Jackson’s famous “moonwalk.” I have to admit that my first reaction to his demise had more to do with the tabloid life than to the man’s actual talents — which were immense. Billy Jean still works, 26 years later.

    Not a lot of pop hits can make that claim.

  2. Is that Cyd Charisse?

    (That video is amazing. Full circle, of course, since Astaire admired the dancing of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.)

  3. I guess I’m not impatient, because for me the music began when the video did. “Smooth Criminal” begins at the minute-and-a-half mark, but there’s music throughout.

    Good video. I like it much better than Jackson’s actual video, even though the latter contains some astonishingly virtuosic dancing (and no, I don’t mean the famous lean, which was technology).

  4. Alien Ant Farm did a good cover of this song.
    I’m still not sure where the scales will balance, talent vs weird.

  5. I just flipped past “Daddy Long Legs” (I think) on TCM two days ago. Watched the “Bar fight” scene that has the exploding beer, about 30 seconds of the video…

  6. D- That is Cyd Charisse in the beginning, and I’m pretty sure that the blonde is Terry Moore, the one who claimed to be secretly married to Howard Hughes.

    Great video.

  7. It’s Leslie Caron at the beginning, Cyd Charisse in the bar scene. Shows in the credits.

  8. The blonde is also Cyd Charisse. This section of The Bandwagon is a spoof on film noir, with Astaire narrating: “She came at me in sections…”

    This is a wonderful edit.

  9. That was amazing! A really good mash up!
    Thanks for posting and sending us (my wife and I) on a You Tube journey though MJ dance mash!

  10. I’m looking forward to seeing this. I’ve seen a couple of celeb reviews and they said that’s it great. I’d hate it if the movie doesn’t do Michael the justice that he deserves.

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