Out Among Real Live People

We have guests! Real live guests! In the house! And we’re socializing! Like real live people! So, uh, the internets won’t see me much today. Sorry, Internets. Real live humans take precedence.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Not according to some leading lights of a newer paradigm- those who decry such smugness when it results in neglecting true human relationships alone in front of a screen, while favoring people in actual physical proximity to oneself.

Just ask a certain famous author who posted several comments on this theme not too long ago.

Being out among real live people… I do that every day.
Being able to shroud myself in the snarky anonymity of the Internets… Ah well, the things we do for fun. 8D

So, are you going to ‘out’ your guests here on whatever? (Neil Gaiman does – just sayin…)

We wants to know who you’re seeing – is it this Yanni person you Tweeted about? Is it the musician Yanni? (ooohhh! – kewl!)

My Muse’s activist younger sister desires to fwap you with a rolled-up website, and to point out that this is just the sort of unthinking snub the post-embodied experience every day. For shame! Next time she holds one of her famous spam fritter cookouts over the roaring flames of Usenet, you need not hold your breath for invitations.

Yes, John Scalzi is entertaining real live guests. I’m one of them, enthralled and enlightened. For the tens of thousands of you who weren’t invited to the grand event, I’ll give you a quick play-by-play breakdown (it should be noted that John strayed from the five-act program): John just finished performing his incredibly ambidextrous Star Wars VS. Star Trek action figure show. Vader won again, beamed everyone to North Korea, the Kim Jung Il bobblehead doll a convincing touch. I almost didn’t notice the marionette fishing line. He’s now re-enacting the fighting scene between the Consu and CDF troops. Actors: three live king crabs as the Consu; twenty-seven Sea Monkeys as the CDF troops. We’re all crowded in the bathroom, peering over the edge of his deep claw-foot bathtub. Holy shit!? The Sea Monkeys are going absolutely ape shit with their light sabers (fashioned from what appears to be used red and green plastic cocktail toothpicks; I’d recognize my teeth impressions anywhere). And . . . the Sea Monkeys have won, “the [light saber] technique thinned out the Consu herd.” Wow! John Scalzi has the best syfy-themed parties in the universe. Neet Knight, North Korea Gazette

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