Two For All the Kodi Fans Out There

Because I know you all think the cats get most of the blog love. So here you go: A double shot of dog.

Don’t say I never did nothing for you.

24 thoughts on “Two For All the Kodi Fans Out There

  1. Wait a minute–there’s not a single cat in either of those dog photos! I’m so confused. I thought this was Whatever: the magical land of bacon, cats, and combinations thereof.
    I’ll just have to imagine that Ghlaghghee is driving the blue car in the background…to go buy bacon.

  2. Oh good! The resolution on my screen isn’t terrific, and it looked like some kind of contusion. Multi-colored lips are cool.

  3. Two nice pictures of a nice dog. She looks so big and cuddly, just what a dog should be.


    Kodi Appreciation Society

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