Somewhere, Robert Christgau’s Head Just Exploded

The Los Angeles Times explores why Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” has become the go-to inspirational song of the 21st Century, and indeed will probably outlast us all as a cultural touchstone for the ages.

I know the answer: Because it is awesome, in that “I am a human being equipped with the ability to recognize and be touched by existential yearning and yet my cognitive vocabulary for such impulses is limited by America’s shitty educational system and profoundly insipid popular culture to Top 40 songs” sort of way. I thought that was pretty obvious, actually. Also, you know. Nifty piano line and Steve Perry’s got him some pipes. We’re done here.

Hey, better this than “Sister Christian.” And you know that for sure.

Reminder: Vote For the Hugos

A reminder to those of you who have purchased your attending or supporting memberships for Anticipation, this year’s Worldcon, that you have only a week left to vote: More specifically, online voting ballots must be received by midnight (23:59) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) July 3.

Don’t actually wait until 11:59pm on July 3rd to vote, because then you run the risk of vote getting jammed up with all those other people who went holy crap, I forgot to vote! and then rush over to the Web site in a desperate attempt to slip in under the wire. Hey, you’ll undoubtedly have some time today, or tomorrow, or even Wednesday or Thursday or Friday.

This is your chance to have an influence on the most important literary award in science fiction, so, you know. Get your vote in, folks.

Here’s a link to the online ballot (in English), just in case you needed it.

My “Snake Fist” Magic Spell Is As Potent as Ever!

That’s right! Annoy me and my very knuckles will emit snakes to vex and bother you! It’s not a skill I have much call to use — there are so few moments in life which truly call for the judicious use of snakes — but then one day you do need a snake, and on that day, damn, it’s a magical skill to have.

An alternate explanations of this picture, plus many other fine photos from the weekend, are available for your perusal here. Enjoy.