My “Snake Fist” Magic Spell Is As Potent as Ever!

That’s right! Annoy me and my very knuckles will emit snakes to vex and bother you! It’s not a skill I have much call to use — there are so few moments in life which truly call for the judicious use of snakes — but then one day you do need a snake, and on that day, damn, it’s a magical skill to have.

An alternate explanations of this picture, plus many other fine photos from the weekend, are available for your perusal here. Enjoy.

24 Comments on “My “Snake Fist” Magic Spell Is As Potent as Ever!”

  1. But those other explanations are so mundane. I like the “Wolverine gone bad” explanation better.

  2. So we now have to add this along side the wicked California Ninja skills you already possess. Truly the Scalzi is not one to mess around with.

  3. I’ll gladly humor you in all of your magical, superhero fantasizing, but the moment you get hair plugs…you’re dead to me. Do you hear me? Dead!

    (At the very least, it will be clear evidence that Scalvi has stepped in and usurped your life…the bastard.)

  4. Are you right-handed or left-handed? It seems that snake-fisting with your dominant hand would be awfully inconvenient if you’re suddenly inspired to write something down, or need to catch a frisbee or something.

  5. Dude, you’re seriously living “the life,” compound et al. Dig your books . . .

  6. Is that light reflecting off your shirt or is there a white pipe in your mouth? Perhaps the snake fist is an evil leprechaun power.
    “I’m sorry! Keep the Lucky Charms–I should have bought my own box. Just no more snakes! Please…noooooooooo!”

    On the other hand, the light reflecting off your head resembles a yarmulke…

  7. I believe from the photographic evidence the girl-child has developed much superior whipping skilz…

  8. Sweet. I had a chance to do that Down Unda. And yes I mean the country, not something naughty.

    I noticed you have a garden. Is that something Krissy oversees, or do you help too? We planted one when I lost half my job and it has helped with the food bill quite a bit. There’s just something satisfying about eating a salad you didn’t buy at a store.

  9. Can’t be an evil Leprechaun power, St Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland don’tcha know. Except for the two legged variety; mores the pity.
    Just goes to show you some jobs are to big even for a Saint. 8D

    Is gairid ár gcairt ar an saol seo.
    Our lease on life is short.

  10. “… there are so few moments in life which truly call for the judicious use of snakes”

    Completely disagree with this sentiment. There are few, if any situations or conditions in life which cannot be improved by the judicious use of more snakes.

  11. You forgot to include the disclaimer. Now the SPCA and PETA are gonna come down on your ass.

    “No snakes were harmed during the filming of this outing…”

  12. I like the “Indiana Jones and Popeye the Sailor had a love child” appeal that the whip and the tiny pipe produce. I know you say that’s not a pipe, but honestly, you expect us to believe that?

    And Bozo…you think it would help? PETA would say that even if no snakes were ACTUALLY harmed it doesn’t matter because the photograph is DEPICTING snakes being harmed…even if there really aren’t any snakes in the picture at all.

    Ah, PETA…if I’m ever convicted of eating live kittens in public, they will be to blame!

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