Reminder: Vote For the Hugos

A reminder to those of you who have purchased your attending or supporting memberships for Anticipation, this year’s Worldcon, that you have only a week left to vote: More specifically, online voting ballots must be received by midnight (23:59) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) July 3.

Don’t actually wait until 11:59pm on July 3rd to vote, because then you run the risk of vote getting jammed up with all those other people who went holy crap, I forgot to vote! and then rush over to the Web site in a desperate attempt to slip in under the wire. Hey, you’ll undoubtedly have some time today, or tomorrow, or even Wednesday or Thursday or Friday.

This is your chance to have an influence on the most important literary award in science fiction, so, you know. Get your vote in, folks.

Here’s a link to the online ballot (in English), just in case you needed it.

16 Comments on “Reminder: Vote For the Hugos”

  1. Can we still buy an associate membershipthingimajig? It sounded like pretty good value, but I was broke when you mentioned it (and am now less broke).

  2. Great, thanks. Is the deadline for getting an associate whatchamacalit the same as Hugo voting, or can we get one later?

  3. I just voted. Man, there was a lot I didn’t get around to reading. I have a lot of empty votes. :(

    One thing to mention is that you can go back and update/change your vote until the deadline.

  4. I misread this as “vote for the hogs.” I kind of like that, and it goes with the whole “squeal of the pig” and bacon theme of the blog.

  5. Do you ever get the feeling that TOR is monopolizing the awards in science fiction? I mean, how much longer are we going keep awarding Cory Doctorow awards because he authored a Creative Commons book like a decade ago. Isn’t science fiction forward thinking? I get the feeling that Cory is being praised not so much for his writings than he is for his interviews and speeches. Yes, he is a good public speaker. Yes, he is knowledgeable about publishing things on the Internets. But enough with the “incarnation of cyberpunk” angle already. We get it! He’s a living, breathing, amiable, personable, cyberpunk character in the real world. Whatever happened to rewarding GREAT writers? When did this “just give the highest awards and accolades to generation X bloggers” mentality begin? Because I want to reboot science fiction. I want to return to the Golden Age of writing. At least TOR had John C. Wright, so it isn’t entirely a racket.

  6. Enuf:

    I’m not entirely sure how Tor can be monopolizing the Hugo awards when the work it publishes is generally only up in one category, Best Novel. I’ll note, as a Tor author, that my sole Hugo win so far was not in a category in which I was published by Tor; likewise I’ll note that of my three Hugo nominations this year, Tor’s the publisher of only one of them (Subterranean Press and Audible being the other two). Which is to say they don’t even hold a monopoly on a single author.

    As for Cory, his Best Novel nomination this year was both a New York Times bestseller and near-universally critically acclaimed; his activity with Creative Commons and his other recognition have almost nothing to do with his nomination. You might as well suggest Neil Gaiman got a nomination because he wrote Sandman or that I got mine because I write this blog. It’s also worth noting the Cory’s nominated in another category, and his story for that category was published by someone other than Tor.

  7. Kate – if you’re buying a supporting membership for the Hugo Packet benefits please do it before the July 3rd voting deadline.

  8. I’ve been very much enjoying the Hugo voter packet — I loaded it onto my cell phone to read on the subway. Now that it’s summer, I’m mostly not reading *except* on the subway, so I don’t get through a whole lot, but it’s been some. There’s something very appropriate about reading a Cory Doctorow story on my phone.

    Kelly Norton @4: Yeah, that.

    I’d thought I had another month — silly Kevin, that’s when the Worldcon is, not when Hugo votes are due — but maybe I’ll finish “True Names” tomorrow evening so I feel like it’s worth voting in the Novella category and blow through the Short Story category.

  9. Final rereadings done and decisions made. If the Hugos wind up with some 5-way ties, it’s probably my fault.

    Thanks again for getting the ball rolling on the downloadable copies.

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