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Today’s Date: July 1.

Expected high temperature today where I live: 68.

This is a weird summer.

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  1. HA! so much for your so-called GLOBAL WARMING!

    (note: this has been a joke, so as to steal the thunder of whoever was going to say that seriously)

  2. After a week in the 90’s…this week up here in Minnesota has been much cooler, with a lid of clouds and weather that makes herculean efforts to get to 70.

  3. Can we swap climates then, please? I’m sitting here in Germany and the air is so hot and sticky that it feels like being in Manila…

  4. Maybe God is rewarding Ohio for doing something right, as a counterbalance to all those places he has been smiting?

    I expect temps in the 90s myself, but that is not unusual here.

  5. We’re having that kind of weird summer in Massachusetts, too.

    I attribute it to the new roof at Wimbledon. They always have rain, and now that they can close the roof on center court, they’ve had hardly a drop. This has to be changing global weather patterns; it’s probably why we’re having cold and wet here.

  6. We would be happy to trade you for the last week or so of 102F-106F days we’ve had here in Texas…

  7. 57 degrees right now in central Minnesota. It might get up to 70 today. On the brighter side, no mosquitoes the size of F-14s.

  8. 109 here– wanna trade? (And that’s noticeably cooler than it’s been.)

  9. yeah, global warming….
    Maybe good ole Al should worry about losing some weight, that might help the ole environment.

  10. I’m in the UK and it’s 82 today with 84 forecast for tomorrow. Too nice to be stuck in the office all day. Oh well.

  11. That’s been our entire summer so far here in MA. We’re on a two-week streak of rain every day and just had the cloudiest June on record. One day would have been just fine…

  12. I’m in Michigan. Same deal. Odd for the end of June. Last week I spent in Jacksonville, Florida on a business trip. Man, that heat was something else. Plus a tornado thrown in just for fun.

  13. Standard 95/95 days here in Tallahassee. (Thats 95F/95% humidity.) 68F high in June would cause a run on parkas down here.

  14. KoolMaster @17: In temperate climates — everything between the tropics and the (ant)arctic — the primary effect of mild-to-moderate global warming on the local weather isn’t necessarily to make it warmer but rather, by adding energy to the system, to make it more chaotic: “weirder.” Our host’s unusually cool early summer weather could indeed be an effect of global warming.

    …or not. At least where I live (a few hours north of the Scalzi Compound), 60’s in July are well within the range of “normal” variation. On the cool side of normal, but still normal.


  15. And yet the Gulf Coast has been having one of the more blistering heat waves in recent memory — 100/100 isn’t out of the ordinary in, say, August, but two and a half weeks of it in June?

    (Yesterday it was “only” 91 and the humidity was way down, so we sat outside on the porch and enjoyed the “cool” weather!)

  16. Mid-60s and rainy here. It’s been wet for two weeks straight now.

    I think we need a word for a summer that feels just like a spring. “Sprummer”, maybe?

    Oh, and happy Canada Day. (What’s the proper protocol to observe? Do we need to grill a beaver, or drive a zamboni to work, or something?)

  17. Marko @ 25

    I wanna drive a zamboni!

    Cool I don’t mind except it’s delaying my tomatoes. If it’s going to be this cool, I want rain to make up for it.

  18. After 13 days of 95F+ AND nasty high humidity, we’ve had a cool front come through.

    It’s only supposed to be 89 today with moderat humidity.


  19. 71 and cloudy in Cincy.

    And I still have heat rash from a 14-mile hike I took last week when it was 95 and sultry.

    Blessed relief!

  20. Yesterday was the first day it DIDN’T break 100 in a couple weeks (central Texas). Take your 68 and shove it!

  21. Down to the low 90s for us this week. I’m still keeping the hard-top on the roadster though. Fiberglass holds the AC in better than the canvas does.

  22. 90°F | 54°F in Portland. The range probably means good things, although I should have exercised this morning. Oh well.

  23. I’m sad because my lovely June gloom is gone, and we’re into hot summer temperatures.

  24. It’s going to “cool down” to 104 here (AZ) today. You get use to the heat in the afternoons, but when it’s 85 degrees at 6 o’clock in the morning that’s something you CAN’T get use to.

  25. Working in shorts here as it’s 91 outside and over 100 here in my workroom full of rendering computers.


  26. *grumble*

    Today’s forecast high temperature is 20C (68F), and rainy. So much for Canada Day fireworks… there’ll be more colour and display in me watching laundry tumble in the washing machine.

    So, whatever happened to summer anyway? We had, like, two or three days of warm-and-sunny and then *poof* it’s back to mid-April weather again.

    — Steve

  27. Hi fellow Minnesotans up-thread! And indeed, quite strange weather here. I’m used to packing up my blankets by this time of year so it’s a good thing I’ve been busy recently, as I woke up shivering last night and wondered what the heck was going on.

  28. Where I live (SF Bay Area – East Bay) it seems the weather is getting milder. We’ve had a series of really mild summers. This summer, we’ve had maybe eight days of 90F+, and the rest has been mid-seventies and sunny. It’s been better than what is “normal”, 85F+ for weeks on end.

  29. Philly had a freak heatwave (90+ for three days straight) back in March, but then it got cooler for a long time. I was amazed–I didn’t have to use my a/c until June.

    Now, of course, it’s been in the 80s and humid for the past three weeks, which is completely normal. I hope your cool front makes its way over here soon.

  30. Mid-fifties and drizzling here in northern Wisconsin. Been like that for about a week. The week prior, however, was unseasonably warm and next week plans to be also.

  31. Driving Mrs. Dr. Phil’s Bravada to the vet’s for the cats’ annual oil change and lube, the automatic climate control decided we needed the heat on. At 11am on July 1st.

    Yup. A cool one.

    Dr. Phil

  32. I love that it’s not sweltering, but all the rain here in Massachusetts is making my farm share kind of strange. They haven’t always been able to plant or weed when they want to. On the plus side, we have ridiculously large piles of strawberries. On the minus side, no basil yet, and the tomatoes will be late.

  33. Dave in Portland: I assume you mean Oregon because here in Maine we’re working on 3+ weeks of nearly non-stop gloom (5th rainiest recorded) with > 3x as much rain for the month of June as usual. Average high temp (mid-fifties) was only 2 degrees higher than the usual average low temp.

    I think the entire states in a funk…

  34. How come it took me leaving and coming all the way to San Diego–where it is 68/70 everyday–for it to finally cool off in Ohio? Damn. This just means that when I return in August it’ll be 95 and shitty again.

  35. ben on 01 Jul 2009 at 8:32 am wrote:
    we’ve got 80 with humidity. Trade ya.

    No, sir, I’ll trade YOU. It’s 102 in my backyard. But I won’t trade Ryan. I don’t do 115. Nope. Nuh-uh.

    Dave on 01 Jul 2009 at 10:44 am wrote:
    90°F | 54°F in Portland. The range probably means good things, although I should have exercised this morning. Oh well.

    It means that you should find out which neighbors are growing tomatoes and make them your best friends. In a couple of weeks there will be a good crop.

  36. I hear it’s still blisteringly hot in Austin this week. Luckily, I’m staying with friends in St. Paul, where I had to close the bedroom windows today because the room was getting too chilly. And I was wearing jeans.

    I don’t wanna go home . . .

  37. You must live close to where I am in SW Ohio; it was only 70 on Wednesday. We broke a record for the “coolest high temperature” day; the last recorded day that was that chilly was back in the 1890s.

    Still, I would take a high of 70 over a high of 90 any day!

  38. I’ll be in northern Ohio next week to see my family, and we’re hoping the weather will be warmer and brighter there than it has been here in eastern Massachusetts. Our June was the second gloomiest on record (“losing” only to 1903), with a high of 62°F for us on July 1.

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