Wow, the Day Sure Got Away From Me

So here’s my favorite Talking Heads song by way of apology.

How was your day?

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  1. I recently made a promise to my daughter (age 13) that I would spend the whole day doing whatever she wants, this turned into chauffeuring and eventually catering for her and her friends as they engaged in a Gossip Girl marathon.

    On one hand, I feel great about fulfilling my obligation. On the other hand, I am downright appalled at my daughter’s taste in friends and entertainment.

  2. Oh yeah, and it was quite the productive day on the wedding preparation front!

  3. One of my favorite TH songs, too. Can’t help but feel happy when I hear it.

    I wish Mr. Byrne would see fit to give us a little more of that magic but from what I hear he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the idea.

    My day was okay. Productive.

  4. I still have a t-shirt from that tour. Really, really glad I got to see them live.

  5. Finished a short story, returned a bunch of crits I owed, packed up a couple boxes, sold some books, watched Wimbledon semi-finals, submitted a different story for publication, and sold 6 dining room chairs using craigslist.

    I feel way too productive, so I think I’ll go eat icecream and watch more tennis. Or Merlin on DVR.

  6. We’ve been trying to sell a car and buy a house! With 2 kids in tow (2 and 3 months). Makes for and interesting day! I feel my hair going gray. Anybody in Austin want a 74 malibu project car?

  7. Mike, if you get that car up to San Francisco I will totally buy it.

    Spent the day bringing Youngest Daughter to watch mom at work, i.e., court, where we lawyers discovered that one of the nastiest-tempered judges on the bench is capable of being nice. Apparently only to people under the age of 13, but dude, like whoa.

  8. Not bad at all. Enjoying the quiet that can only come from packing my mother and 14-year-old cousin off safely back to Ohio and having my 1-bedroom flat to ourselves again.

  9. Got my drivers side window (regulator went out on the power window) fixed for $45 after I’d been quoted $320 by this shop in Evanston that seems to be made of UTTER FAIL.

    Had an awesome writing & critical thinking class that was shortened because of the holiday weekend and I’m looking forward to three days straight of drinking, meat and sleeping in!

  10. I just realized that I have that exact lamp. It’s sitting a few feet away from me as I type this.

    That clip also reminded me of the time I was in the front row at the Talking Heads show in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on that very tour. I recognize the set, the costumes, everything. It was an amazing show.

    The next night,we drove to Charlotte, and thanks to festival seating and the fact we had fuck-all else to do but get in the front of the line, we got into the front row again. When Tina saw me, she winked at me.

    I think she really dug me, but, you know, it just wasn’t meant to happen.

    But that clip does make me think of what might have been.

    All I have now is a fucking lamp.

    Damn you, Scalzi. Damn you to hell.

  11. The Talking Heads will always have a warm place in my heart. I took my wife to Stop Making Sense for our first date.

  12. We have the re-released DVD version. You can’t see it on the YouTube version, but during the opening when they’re all lined up, the guitar is not in sync with the sound. There’s a point where Wier is playing the muted strings and he hits them once but the soundtrack has two, or vise versa. They cut together video from a couple of shows and they don’t quite match.

    Now everybody has an excuse to bust out the DVD and watch the song a few times. And since you have it out, might as well watch the whole thing. Unless you’re making out with somebody, it’ll probably be the best two hours of the day.


  13. Great song for mellow reflection, one of my all time favorites. Thanks for the pick-me-up after such a blah day.

  14. Yesterday morning, I received two cordial apologies and a fruit basket from people who had insulted me professionally in a meeting the day before. It was at an event planning meeting with the local branch of a national charity. I let them know privately at the end of the meeting how appalled I was at their unprofessional behavior, and how others were displeased, as well.

    I still believe in their mission, which is why I’m not trashing them *here*, and they stated it really opened their eyes to how they take volunteers at all levels for granted. If they do it again, they won’t get my time OR money anymore.

  15. Funny – that’s MY favorite Talking Heads song too :-)

    Just saw David Byrne 2 weeks ago when he was here in Charlottesville. Great show!

  16. how can you have a fav TH song? The one I’m listening to at the time is my fav. Saw David at a SXSW show and got him to sign a pic I tore out of an old Rolling Stone. Nice guy, bad hand writing.

  17. Wow, I hadn’t thought about Talking Heads in ages. Thanks for the trip back to a wonderful group. Byrne is still my favorite F/X. Thinking back to the “Big Suit”

  18. I still remember exactly where that song cuts off on my first tape of Speaking in Tongues.

    My favorite Talking Heads changes with the weather. Sometimes Heaven. Sometimes Take Me to the River (from The Name of This Band is the Talking Heads live album. Much more power than the Stop Making Sense one)

    But here’s a really well recorded version of Pulled Up, from ’77. It’s from their early, raw period, and I like the energy.

  19. I couldn’t tell you my favourite Talking Heads song, although this one is always in the running.
    I’m lucky enough to have made it to see David Byrne when he played New Zealand in February. Fantastic show. The man is still an incredible musician.

  20. Since it’s just not a Whatever thread without pedantry, it’s _The Name of This Band is Talking Heads_. No definite article.

    God Bless America.

  21. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen Stop Making Sense. It was the Friday midnight movie for 2 yrs at a local hip theatre in my early college years when I was trying “hip” on for size. It didn’t fit. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories of an amazing documentary concert.