The Spookiest Sunset of 2009

Oh, yes. It will be a pleasant night tonight.

That’s it, I’m taking the shotgun to bed. Just to be safe.

22 Comments on “The Spookiest Sunset of 2009”

  1. I’ve only ever seen a sunset like that once, and it was in a nightmare I was having about a nuclear blast near my hometown.

    I’m not sure a shotgun would help in that case, but I’m not going to tell you not to keep it close.

  2. Thats freaking awesome i want to sail in a creek if you ever get together a crew of people and a boat and want to do some creek sailing give me a call cause that sounds like a good weekend… or im just crazy and annoyed by all the fireworks going off outside. hard to tell.

  3. Who would have guessed that Mordor was actually in Indiana. Seen any short hairy footed dudes wandering past lately John?

  4. We haven’t had many visible sunsets here lately because it’s been raining for so long. But I’d say you’re probably seeing the effect of that volcano in Russia.

  5. Dude…. you crack me up. =)
    Wish I were with my sweetie (who introduced me to your sight) to see that. Skies like that are what dreams are made of or at least they are the inspirations to our imaginations.

    We are a little north of Seattle so maybe there is a sailor thing going on. We get skies like this several times a year but you never can tire of the awe they provide…

  6. Looks like Helltown is lighting the Highway to Hell to the End of the World. Keep that shotgun to protect you from those mutants from the chemical plant explosion.

  7. I’m half-expecting bats to suddenly wing forth from my monitor, shrieking eerily, silhouetted against the orange glow of that sunset.

    Good call on the shotgun. And I definitely wouldn’t go into the woods on a night like this.

  8. You mean you haven’t been keeping the shotgun handy at night until now?

  9. You feel safer sleeping with a shotgun? Dude! (word of the day) Don’t you realize you could turn over the wrong way and break your trigger finger? That would make you type with a limp.

  10. John, I did miss that one but this new one just proves that Sauron’s powers are growing and we must be vigilant.

    Or it means that Purdue could possibly beat OSU this fall as they have obviously channeled the powers of darkness.

    Either way, I agree that it’s scary being next to Indiana…

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