They’re Talking About Me — In SPACE

A quick video featurette about me over on the official Stargate Web site, in which Stargate:Universe producer Brad Wright discusses my participation and whether I’ll get around to writing a script for the show. I’ve mentioned before that working on the series has been a total blast, and I’ll reiterate it again; it’s been really exciting both to get a close-up view of the TV production process, and to see my own input being translated into something that will go up on the screen.

I was joking during an interview recently that one of the nice things about being the “creative consultant” on SG:U is that it means when the show does something that people like, they’ll say “wow, it’s good they listened to John Scalzi!” and when the show does something they didn’t like, they’ll say “wow, they should have listened to John Scalzi!” so I win either way. Having said that, I have to say I’ve been enjoying what’s been coming my way, in no small part because it’s been making my job easy. My job so far hasn’t been to “save” anything; my job has been to (hopefully) make it even better. There’s a difference between these two conditions.

Here, Have a Mailbag

One nice thing about being done with the writing project ASIDE FROM BEING DONE W00T! is that I can remind you that I have an AMC column up today, in which I explain why we’re not actually in danger of seeing a Transformers flick become the most successful Sf movie ever, why Moon was never going to make $100 million, what’s up with your favorite recent SF novels in the world of film and so on and etc. Go! Now!


The project I was working on is now complete! I’m very pleased.

What is it, you ask? Well, let me tell you —

No, wait, I can’t tell you yet. Sorry. Soon, though.

But, hey! It’s done! And I’m happy with it. Go me.

On a more technical note, this means my blogging hiatus is officially over and I’ll be resuming normal blatheration soon.

Also, for those of you in the betting pool for when I would crack and start posting Photoshop grotesqueries: HA! Take THAT! I win, send the money my way, please. Thank you.