Russian Before and After

Eksmo, my Russian publisher, recently re-upped its license for Old Man’s War, which I was happy about, but what I’m even happier about is that the new version of the book no longer has the “completely unrelated angry soldiers taken from Warhammer 40,000” artwork of the original print run (on the left, above); instead they’ve gone and either created new artwork specific to the series, or at the very least licensed art work that looks like it could be related to what’s going on in the book (and made the guy on the cover green). Whichever it is, I like it. I will note that my name is no longer above the title in the second edition. I think I’ll live.

A Handy Tip for Publicists

When you are sending out a press release to promote a book, do try to make sure that the second half of your press release doesn’t devolve into Martian gibberish, even if the author you are promoting is science fiction’s own Robert Silverberg. Most of us don’t read Martian, and those of us who do, don’t want to advertise the fact.

That said, the book being promoted here, Silverberg’s autobiography Other Spaces, Other Times, is in fact a lovely book which I can recommend to Silverberg fans and those who’d like a first hand view of the genre’s history, from one of its Grand Masters (who is also, I can personally attest, just an absolutely wonderful human being). And at no point does the book itself devolve into Martian gibberish. That’s a guarantee. Give it a look.

Various & Sundry, 7/10/09

Let’s see, what am I thinking today:

* Having finished The Project I Can’t Tell You About Yet, the question now becomes what I do next. And the short answer to that is: No idea. The PICTYAY was one on a list of possible things to do; now that it’s done, I suppose I’ll go back to the list and see what on it interests me the most. I still have time to think about it, though, since whatever major thing I do next, I’m not going to start until after Worldcon. That’s because between now and then I have another busy travel schedule, and I’ve learned that me + travel = a whole lot of nothing getting done. Fortunately after Worldcon, I’ve got no substantial travel until October, when I head to Martha’s Vineyard for Viable Paradise. That’s a nice chunk of time in which to get something done.

* Which is not to say I’ll be spending the time in the interim, like, eating chocolates. I’ll be catching up on a couple of non-writing projects, including losing at least some percentage of the Buddha Belly I’ve been sort of passively been working on (when you meet the Buddha Belly on your abdomen, KILL IT), working on SG:U and the AMC column, and, oh, who knows, maybe writing a short fiction piece or two, because why not. And totally killing zombies. Because what are you doing with your life if you’re not totally killing zombies?

* Things purchased at the store this morning: Three yogurts, two cans of chicken soup, a bottle of Gatorade, and a package of Immodium AD. To which the checkout lady said, “oh, no, you have a little one home sick today.” Which indeed is entirely true. On the other hand, the little one is a bit feeling better and is spending the day lying on the couch watching cartoons, so I don’t think it’s entirely a bad day for her. Still, today was the day her day camp was going off to the local water park, so she’s not necessarily of the same opinion. I know, I’ll take her out into the yard and put the hose to her. That’ll be just the same.

* Going back to the subject of Worldcon, I received my schedule, which includes two reading slots (one for non-fiction, the other for fiction), a signing and a kaffeklatch. So, stalkers, you’re in luck! I’ll post the full schedule as we get a bit closer to the actual event.