I Teared Up When I Saw This

Because, yes. I know how he suffers.

(Hat tip to the fabulous Karen Meisner)

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  1. I totally have to join that support group for two reasons – every time I see a flag pole in real life, I have the urge to secure and capture it.

    Also, I’ve heard myself on numerous occasions shouting out “Molotov’s here!” or “Pills here!”

  2. i don’t comment often/at all – so when I do you know it’s important.

    that was awesome.

  3. *Raises hands* I need to join up, especially since L4D came in to my apt. *sigh* There’s nothing like classic Resident Evil style interaction though…

    You found a Green Herb, will you take it?

  4. Is there a support group for people who see the world as a game of Portal?

    I ask because I want to go to one of their meetings. I’ll bring the cake.

    (oh, wait, the whole internet would be in that support group, wouldn’t it?)

  5. THAT was fantastic. I immediately forwarded it to all my World of Warcraft addict family members (and yeah, the boys play a lotta COD too) then called them to make sure they check their email. Work to do, thanks for giving me some pleasure first.

  6. Dan,

    I don’t think there’s an easy way to follow Scalzi followers, but on the Leave A Reply form, if you have a website and list it your name appears as a link to your website when you comment. So you can track down individuals who have their own sites, but it’s one by one.

    Unless there’s a way for our host to add something listing us folk on his page. That may depend on WordPress.

    Or maybe we could start a support group.

  7. I suffer from GTAffliction. It’s hard, but I manage not to stop motorists and pull them from their cars and drive away in them. I also have stopped aiming for pedestrians when driving my fire truck. Prostitutes – well, lets just say I have my two week chip and leave it at that.

  8. Unless Scalzi nixes the idea I was thinking of creating a community on Steam for followers of Scalzi’s weblog and then promoting it on his hemi-semi-demi annual pimping thread. Now I’m just trying to figure out which sounds better: Scalzi’s Scallions or Scalzi’s Scallywags.

  9. Dan,
    I like Scalziphrenics myself, but you’re the one doing the work so of course it’s your call. I am but a never humble maker of suggestions.

  10. Rob,

    RE: Scalziphrenics

    That one is good, too! I like it a lot _and_ it keeps growing on me every time I repeat it. And the voices in my head concur.

  11. It has been created Rob under the name you suggested. If you search for it on Steam you should be able to find it shortly. I already have a few friends on Steam that I’ve introduced to John’s work _so_ this could be fun!

  12. RE: Scalzi’s Scallions

    Oh, I _really_ wanted to name ourselves that but I thought I’d make us a little more palatable, so to speak, to the world at large.

  13. That was really funny. Particularly the part where he is scrolling through his inventory while making breakfast.

    I often have to resist the urge to crouch in corners.

    And if someone does a smoker cough I move sideways and turn to look at them so they can’t get me.

    I’ll be looking for the Scalziphrenics.

  14. Kagior? I think I just played L4D against you last night. You and Queen_O?

  15. Dan, that was indeed me. Our family was playing one side of the versus game last night against the rest of you.


  16. Dan Geiser, I don’t really hold with following other people. Over developed YATBOME gland and all.

    How about just calling it the Self Preservation Society? Already got a catchy tune, and the inventory has a Beretta in it.

  17. I’m similarly afflicted – I feel compelled to constantly scan the ground for weapons, ammunition and health kits.

    Glad to know there’s help…

  18. So hilarious!!

    I suffer from a variant of this greatly. After hundreds of hours of L4D and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare, everywhere I go I eye the best place for sniper position and angles for defensive cover. For you know…when the zombies come. Do this in a mall; all the time!

  19. MarkHB,
    It’s definitely there. 3 whole member already. Are you in Brazil?

  20. This video really speaks to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to pick up an item by stepping over it.

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