I Teared Up When I Saw This

Because, yes. I know how he suffers.

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(Hat tip to the fabulous Karen Meisner)

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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*Raises hands* I need to join up, especially since L4D came in to my apt. *sigh* There’s nothing like classic Resident Evil style interaction though…

You found a Green Herb, will you take it?

Is there a support group for people who see the world as a game of Portal?

I ask because I want to go to one of their meetings. I’ll bring the cake.

(oh, wait, the whole internet would be in that support group, wouldn’t it?)

THAT was fantastic. I immediately forwarded it to all my World of Warcraft addict family members (and yeah, the boys play a lotta COD too) then called them to make sure they check their email. Work to do, thanks for giving me some pleasure first.


I don’t think there’s an easy way to follow Scalzi followers, but on the Leave A Reply form, if you have a website and list it your name appears as a link to your website when you comment. So you can track down individuals who have their own sites, but it’s one by one.

Unless there’s a way for our host to add something listing us folk on his page. That may depend on WordPress.

Or maybe we could start a support group.

I suffer from GTAffliction. It’s hard, but I manage not to stop motorists and pull them from their cars and drive away in them. I also have stopped aiming for pedestrians when driving my fire truck. Prostitutes – well, lets just say I have my two week chip and leave it at that.

Unless Scalzi nixes the idea I was thinking of creating a community on Steam for followers of Scalzi’s weblog and then promoting it on his hemi-semi-demi annual pimping thread. Now I’m just trying to figure out which sounds better: Scalzi’s Scallions or Scalzi’s Scallywags.

It has been created Rob under the name you suggested. If you search for it on Steam you should be able to find it shortly. I already have a few friends on Steam that I’ve introduced to John’s work _so_ this could be fun!

RE: Scalzi’s Scallions

Oh, I _really_ wanted to name ourselves that but I thought I’d make us a little more palatable, so to speak, to the world at large.

That was really funny. Particularly the part where he is scrolling through his inventory while making breakfast.

I often have to resist the urge to crouch in corners.

And if someone does a smoker cough I move sideways and turn to look at them so they can’t get me.

I’ll be looking for the Scalziphrenics.

Dan Geiser, I don’t really hold with following other people. Over developed YATBOME gland and all.

How about just calling it the Self Preservation Society? Already got a catchy tune, and the inventory has a Beretta in it.

I’m similarly afflicted – I feel compelled to constantly scan the ground for weapons, ammunition and health kits.

Glad to know there’s help…

So hilarious!!

I suffer from a variant of this greatly. After hundreds of hours of L4D and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare, everywhere I go I eye the best place for sniper position and angles for defensive cover. For you know…when the zombies come. Do this in a mall; all the time!

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