In the Absence of Me Having Anything in Particular To Say Today

Have a video of a song I liked, oh, 20 years ago:

The band: An Emotional Fish, thus proving that bands with terrible names can make reasonably good music. This is actually the first time that I’ve seen video in all that time, however. Interesting. And not a speck of blue in it.

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  1. I lived through the eighties and listened to many songs, but I have no memory of ever hearing this song before now.

    It was interesting.

  2. My nomination for badly-named bands with at least one good songs goes to Death Cab for Cutie (even now I grit my teeth while typing), “I Will Possess Your Heart.”

  3. Oh my God. You continue to amaze me with your obscure musical prowess, Sir! I must’ve seen them live half a dozen times. Their show at the Lingerie was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And they were nice guys, to boot.

    Definitely deserved better, but HUZZAH!!!

  4. I think one of the cats stole your verb in this sentence:
    “This is actually the first time that I’ve [verb] video in all that time, however.”

  5. Now me wonders if Kay@3 is a Kay I know since very very few peeps know of the Fish, and factoring for those named Kay, even fewer. Scalzi, stop name dropping from my formative years dammit!! I’m feeling O.L.D.

  6. Hi, John –

    Just checking out your blog for the first time, having only discovered your books recently. Let’s get this out of the way; I am enjoying your writing immensely.

    I am astonished to see this video. I know this song from a BBC documentary that was produced in the nineties. It was called ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ and concerned the Irish diaspora and how it influenced and merged with musical traditions of other countries. Principally American Folk and Blues.

    The 2-disc CD is still availailable although it is a re-released version with a couple changes in the songs. I think the BBC released a DVD as well. I can’t recommend highly enough that anyone with an interest in this music learn more about this BBC project. Many obscure and famous musicians are featured.

  7. Backing vocals by Moya Brennan of Clannad fame, too.
    Irish bands from back then had the best names: Half Man Half Biscuit and Mangled Ferret were among the more memorable.

  8. I loved An Emotional Fish. I saw them at this little club in DC when I was an intern at the Smithsonian. They were great. I always wondered what happened to them. I think I still have a mix tape of 1/2 An Emotional Fish and 1/2 Too Much Joy.

  9. Oooo! I love this band. Never saw them in concert; never knew they’d even made a video. Their first album, though, is absolutely great.

  10. Yumenoko @ 7:

    It very well may be! Who are you?

    I am loving that people remember this band. I spent a few hours trying to stump YouTube with obscure bands but YouTube WON.

  11. Kay:

    I stump YouTube every once in a while, but it takes effort. That said, it has yet to vomit up a video for the song “Old Beach Road” by Martha’s Vineyard. Which bums me out.