RIP, Charles Brown

The Locus Web site has just posted that Charles Brown, the magazine’s publisher, editor and co-founder, died yesterday on his way back from Readercon.

More later; I’m busy handling some other stuff right at the moment. But certainly my thoughts are with my friends at Locus, and with Charles’ loved ones.

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  1. Thanks, John, for linking to this. Glad he was at least able to pass on peacefully, and after Readercon no less.

  2. I was just talking to him this past weekend, so this is especially shocking to me. He was a great guy, and will be missed.

  3. Oh, rats. I’m very sorry to hear this. My sympathies to all who were close to him.

  4. I’m in shock. I had breakfast with him at Readercon, and he seemed much as ever, so, while I know his health hasn’t been good, this is utterly unexpected. He was much too young to leave us.

    My sympathies to all who were close to him.

  5. It is hitting me a little harder than I expected. Charlie and I weren’t great friends or anything, but he had an impact on the field and that matters.

  6. Oh no! I didn’t know him personally, but have been a long time subscriber to Locus and admired this man greatly. A true fan, and great contributor to the field.

    My brain’s numb right now, this has hit me hard.

  7. I’m really sorry to hear this. I was at Readercon, and at one point Charles, Amelia Beamer and Gary Wolfe passed by me. They don’t know me from Adam, but I felt the urge to stop them and tell them how much I appreciate what they do with Locus, and especially how it helps those of us in rural areas with little connection to the field keep up with what’s going on. Sadly, instead I said nothing, and now I truly, deeply regret it.

  8. I’m really sorry to hear this. I’m a long-time Locus reader and subscriber. My condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues. Definitely not good news.

  9. Never got to meet him, but heard about him via those like you, who had. But I was a semi-regular subscriber to Locus, and know people will definitely miss him. It’s good to know that there is already somebody at the helm of Locus, keeping it going as he would have wanted.

  10. This is definitely sad news. His editorial comments were always interesting and I was looking forward to him coming to the NA Discworld convention. He will be missed.

  11. I’ve been reading Locus for more than ten years, although it was difficult to find it then in Spain. Charles Brown loved SF and that reflected in his work. He will be missed.

  12. Charles N. Brown was my teacher and guide on everything that is good in the Science Fiction and Fantasy book world. He will be missed.

  13. I saw him at Readercon this year. This first time he was backing his scooter out of the elevator going, “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” I was too shy to say anything other than laugh and stare at my feet.

    On Sunday I saw him getting into his car and leaving Readercon and I was also too shy to say anything. I wish I’d talked to him. He sounds like a great guy. Glad to see Locus will continue.

  14. Charles Brown was the first cousin of my fathers mother, Mrs. Annie Mae Simpson. They grew up and lived in Texas City, Texas. Mrs. Annie Mae Simpson played the piano, and sang in a style quite similar to Charles Brown’s playing style. She and Charles would on ocassion play side by side on the piano, and record songs at our home. I do not understand how or why My grandmother was left out of his will. They were so very close, and Charles would vist us whenever he came back home. My Grandmother helped charles when he was at a low point in his career. She helped him to get a car, so that he could go to school in houston, while he worked as a janitor back in 1983. I helped Charles get a passing grade on his artwork, by helping him to add detail and perspective to a chair that he had drawn on an art assignment while matriculating to the University of Houston. I am Howard Daniel Rollins III. I do believe that something is quite wrong in that my immediate family were left out of his will. The only names listed are; the late Annie Mae Nunn, Martha Darden, someone by the name of Dannie, and a lady by the name of Teressa. I believe that Dannie was one of his managers. I do not have the money to investigate exactly what happened, and how my family has again been beaten out of a fortune. My understanding is that the executor of Charles Brown’s will; a Mr. Len Fredman, claims that charles left the bulk of his Estate to his two sisters, and their children. Charles to the best of my knowledge did not have any sisters. Martha Darden claims that she is not getting any of the money, so I do not know why this is. If anyone can help me to find out what has actually happened and why, I would be greatly appreciative of any help you can provide me with regarding Charles Brown Estate.

    Sincerely I remain,

    Howard Daniel Rollins III

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