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As an FYI, starting tomorrow through Monday, I’ll likely be posting very little, as I’ll be off on personal business. I’d tell you what it is, but, hey. Didn’t I just say it was personal? There you are, then. I’ll likely put occasional bits on Twitter, however. It really does come in handy, that service.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Shawn @ 3

Karma always sees, but the usual balancing in this case is hair growth elsewhere. Taken to the Karmic extreme, you can end up as a bald Werewolf.

Be careful dude, this stuff has a tendency to flood over innocent bystanders… 8P

See ya Monday John

Jeff S @ 5

Karma’s mean to me. I got the hair migration elsewhere, but it’s more like urban sprawl. My hairline moved back slightly in my early twenties, then stubbornly refused to budge after that.

Meanwhile, my youngest brother has inherited our father’s widow’s peak.

You may think I’m gloating, but I really can’t stand my hair.

hey, “personal stuff”???

isn’t that:

“Scalzi. John Scalzi”

fade to the James Bond music. Shaken and not stirred?

So long as you don’t put up any state secrets on your facebook page…

(oops, my secret identity is out!!!)

John, why isn’t The Last Colony (Mass Market Paperback) popping up on Amazon? Shouldn’t it be on the first page before Zoe? I had to go to the new subterranean hardcover, then scroll down to “Also Available in:” Huh?

I don’t mean to hijack the thread but since John IS on Metafilter…
There is a fairly new post there about British authors of children’s books planning to boycott schools over a controversial new government registry scheme.
For authors visiting schools. Because of course, they might be paedophiles (Oh no ! The CHILDREN !!!).

In the comments to the thread, I’m frightened by the number of people who don’t have any problem with this scheme whatsoever.
thread here:

John, I’d be interested in your opinion on that. I know what mine is.

Cool, an organic Q & A thread.
John, if you had to choose between two cars and drive them for the next ten years what would it be?
a)1971 Ford Pinto with rusty rear bumper
b)1970 AMC Gremlin with rusty front bumper

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