When God Uses His “Smudge” Tool

It looks a little like this.

As I took this photo myself earlier in the day, it may give you a rough idea of where I am geographically at the moment. Most of the day was given over to travel; now I’m at the Northern California coast in a little in which is lovely but which has no Internet connection to speak of. So, yes, I’ve taken my laptop to a coffeeshop. You may begin your abuse now. This does suggest that updating my be even more spotty this weekend than I had previously assumed. Sorry about that.

Someone in comments noted that I was slacking in not linking to the AMC column today; hey, 11 hours of travel will do that to you. But here’s the link for those of you who can’t find it yourself.

And that’s what I’ve got for you today. Now I’m heading back to the inn to depressurize from all that moving about the country. See you tomorrow if I swing back around to the coffeeshop.

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