View From My Window, 7/18/09

It’s not bad.

I’m mildly amused to read the comments yesterday concerning whether all y’all should be guessing where I am and tracking me down, etc. The short answer is that it’s probably not impossible to figure out where I am (or was, at least, since I’ve moved on since yesterday), but, you know, I’m on vacation. This is a personal trip, not a professional trip.

Not that I think any of you would show up at my doorstep, etc; I suspect you’re all grownups, with grownup senses of boundaries. But even if you did, I wouldn’t have time for you — the days are just packed, as they say, with people and things to do. Hope your days are similarly packed.

The only other thing of  to report is that I am unbelievably sunburned; my head is currently the shade lobsters get around the time to bring them out of the pot. Aloe lotion and sunblock for me today, as I have to go back out into the sun; also, I’m not sure what my forebears were thinking when they decided to be so pale. Because, really, it’s not working out for me.

So. What’s up with you?

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  1. Use sunscreen on your head or use a hat. Do not be embarrassed because it’s better to hat than have a sunburned head. As for vacation, have at it. Recharge those batteries so you can get back and write some more. I hope to be looking out on a similar view in September when I go to the Oregon coast for a week.

  2. Looks like you are somewhere between Sea Ranch/Gualala and Shelter Cover CA. Beautiful coastline there. Enjoy it. :)

  3. “Not that I think any of you would show up at my doorstep, etc; I suspect you’re all grownups, with grownup senses of boundaries.” Not me! I’m no grownup! In fact, I’m IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!!!!ONE!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!1!!11!

  4. Yep, I was betting on Sea Ranch/Gualal.

    If you get up to Ft Brag, check out the Glass Beach and eat some blackberries.

  5. Ah, I miss CA… but I don’t miss being the whitest girl in the Napa Valley, no sir. That’s why I’m nice and happy out here in Minnesota. Which isn’t to say that there aren’t non-whites here, because contrary to popular opinion there are quite a few (in the Twin Cities at least). However the people who are white are often REALLY white. Or orange. Ew.

    /end blathering

  6. I don’t know about the rest of these crazy people, but being as I’m from CA, it’s more a delicious mystery than a creepy thing. Although when I read that both you AND Gaiman were in CA this weekend, I briefly considered making it a creepy thing. Then I thought better of it. Lucky jerks. It’s 63 here today. 63! In July!

  7. Hmmm the real reason you’re on the west coast for vacation? It’s can be the touristy things to do or the cultural icons I know the truth — In And Out Burgers. John you have an addiction, first step in getting better is admitting it.
    Seriously man, have fun, relax, and enjoy the time with family and friends.

  8. The best hat source in the universe is the local nursery. Most will sell excellent straw hats for about $7-$8. They’re so cheap that I keep my gardening hat at home (also a cheap straw hat) and pick up a new one whenever I travel by plane. Easier than trying to travel with one.

    I end up replacing my gardening hat every other year or so, and I take it practically everywhere I go, being both a lighter shape of pale, and living in So Cal.

  9. If it is the CA coast, I drove through their just last week. We spent the last week and a half going up the coast. We’ve left for a quick couple days with the in-laws though before I have to return to evil work.

  10. Gah. There! There! Not “their”! Why didn’t you tell me to preview?

  11. 1) If you go into Fort Bragg, you might want to try Eggheads Restaurant in downtown and the Mendocino Chocolate Company on the north end of town.

    2) If you’re taking Highway 1 back to SFO, maybe budget a little time to see the rebuilt Fort Ross and marvel at how those sneaky Commies tried to take over the USA before they were Commies (or, techincally, before the USA was there).

    3) If your hosts offer to take you on a hike around Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, they are probably trying to make you vanish from the human world.

  12. I just got back from a visit to San Francisco for my nephew’s 4th birthday. Finally got out to Muir Woods this trip. Totally worth the investment of an entire afternoon.

    Despite having a full head of hair, I did manage to sunburn my scalp where I part my hair.

  13. If we may,

    On behalf of all the PhotoShoppers out there, may we have a picture of your radioactive head, so as to make a more realistic picture when we PhotoShop the horns on your head? That way we have a reference photo as to how you look in a less (more?) natural skin tone?

    I’m just sayin’…

  14. Just thought I would extend my sympathies for the sun damage. As somebody who is also without naturally occuring scalp sun protection I have been in your place and it really is unpleasant. As far as the hat suggestion goes I’m reminded of barn doors and horses. The only thing I coud actually put on my head after getting a sunburn is a do-rag. Of course then I couldn’t go out in public which defeated the purpose.

  15. John, your ancestors were thinking “Wow, my bones are all fragile and shit. I better become pale enough to make more vitamin D here in the Land of the Midnight Sun.* This ain’t equatorial Africa, y’know!”

    So were mine. Now I live at the same latitude as Madrid, and the kids who come over from Estonia to work at the local farmer’s market just told me their newest member just got sunburned for the first time. They tried to warn him, honest, but he scoffed.

    * Your ancestors may have been exaggerating a bit here.

  16. So, basically, you look like the “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” cover, without the horns?

  17. It’s not that I want to track you down, John. It’s just that the photos make me want to go there as well. It started with the northbound shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    And tell me I’m wrong, but driving the 101 north into Marin County shows why the land there is still the most expensive in the country and why it’s worth it.

  18. Hey–if you’re heading south, keep on going and you can show up on our doorstop here at UCSD. Us Clarion kids would love to see you! (if not, we understand. Have fun and wear sunscreen damnit!)

  19. Hope you’re having a great time on your vacation. On our staycation, we’ve just finished repainting Emma’s room and providing her with new(ish) bedroom furniture, and she’s dying for her best friend to come over and see it. See you!

  20. My upper back is itching like crazy because I burned it last weekend. I remembered to make my hubby sunscreen his bald spot, but did I remember to get my back? D’oh! Also ow. And now itchy!

    For folks like us, with out savage arctic tans, aloe is a good friend!

    Hope your burn heals up quickly and you have fun!

  21. You need to go to a haberdasher and get yourself a good Panama hat. You also should post a picture of your lobster-colored face for our edification.

  22. I’ve been totally wanting a bowl of Cat Valente’s lobster bisque, and you just reminded me again.

  23. It’s common for visitors and long-absent-returnees to our upper-left coast to forget that neither fog nor overcast skies block UV rays. Especially when it’s only 65f on the lovely beach.

  24. Aloe sucks for sunburn. Noxzema takes away the burn. It also helps a huge amount with the itching soon to ensue. Aloe exacerbates the itching horribly. To really remove the itching altogether: vicodin. If you are squeamish about prescription drugs, then take 1000mg of ibuprofen every six hours. Be sure to eat something with it, as your stomach will get tied up in knots if you don’t.

    Aloe heals. But riddle me this: do you want to heal, or be comfortable? Ignore my advice to your own peril.

  25. P.S., your head shape would be flattered by the application of a high quality pith helmet. Alas, we can do nothing about that hirsute, right foot of yours.

  26. What’s up with me? Johnny – you care!

    As you’ve asked:

    1) I start my very first ev-ar motion picture gig in the next week or two, doing post-production of an Ahhht Film. OK, it’s widdy, but it’s my very firstest fillum, and I’m all made up about it.
    2) I realised my upper arms have doubled in (nonblubbery) size since I started swimming regularly a month ago.
    3) I’ve been yumming up math since getting back into coding as a part-time thing
    4) I’ve got all the bits together for a *kick-ass* thai red chicken curry for tomorrow.

    So, thinking absolutely gorram rock. Thanks for asking!

  27. John I just stumbled on your books two weeks ago, figured this was a good a spot as any to say Thank you. Great work.

  28. Tkay@24: Word to the wise: they keep all the best books at Central library on the third floor. (I say this as a UCSD alumn)

    (Also, be aware that San Diego is at least an 11 hour drive from where he likely is.)

  29. My Long Suffering One understands your pain. He fortunately didn’t burn during our recent jaunt to an area pretty darn near diametrically opposed to your locale, but that’s just because Coyote followed us down and brought his weather with him. (I refuse to take the blame for the launch’s failure to, well, launch, however.)

    That said, I hope the burn gets better quickly. Have fun out there.

  30. I’m really getting excited about going to Worldcon in Montreal in a couple of weeks and hope Zoe’s Tale wins the Hugo!

  31. I hope you’re budgeting large amounts of doing-nothing time into your vacation. That’s the best part.

  32. Nice post. That was very informative!! I hadn’t heard all of that before, so I don’t really know what to say lol. Anyway, I like your site a lot. I’ve been skimming around, and I like what I see. Nice layout too. ;)

  33. to Steve @37: Yeah, I figured he was pretty far north. But just in case he needed to make a run for the border, I thought it only polite to extend the invitation to hide out here for a while! Unfortunately, I’ve been so in the bunny hole writing and critting that I’ve barely had time to explore the ‘brary. Hoping to do that later this week.

  34. That’s a great view you have (probably had, by now; as usual I’m behind on my blog updates).

    Rather stupidly, I initially thought that the white structure in the shot was some kind of goal. Then it occurred to me what would happen if the ball (or whatever) missed.

    Enjoy your hols.

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