Yet More Travel

Heading back to Ohio today. Thanks, California, you were fun. Let’s do it again.

I’ll update when I’m back at home. Keep it together until then, okay? Excellent.

15 Comments on “Yet More Travel”

  1. I think I speak for California when I say, it was a pleasure having you in our state. Come back anytime.

  2. Yeah, no problem, Scalzi, I enjoyed having you. Come back any time for fun and double-doubles.

  3. We’re trying to keep it together, but that means more and more things closed for repair. You might need to go around West Virginia and come back in through New York.

  4. John – what eviljwinter said – It’s been cool here in Ohio, and very early fall-like. I had the windows open all weekend long with no AC (good for the wallet and the environment!) and a blanket at night. Pretty much the same for today, except I’m at work.

    My Vacation is the first week of August in western PA, and hoping for more of the same. (without this week’s predicted rain)

    Hope you have/had a safe and boringly normal trip back home!

  5. We’re a little low on cash out here, so I hope you remembered to tip the governor generously before leaving the state.

  6. Christopher @10:

    That question is like ‘if a tree falls in the forest with nobody around, does it make a sound’?

  7. JS, did you bring a lot of cash with you when you were out here? My great State of California is no longer accepting IOU’s or plastic!!!

  8. Tell Ohio that I miss it very very NOT. (Well, I miss the husbie, but he’ll be here in a few weeks and then we can stick our tongues out at OH from the ocean and say nyah nyah all we want.)

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