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As most of you know, I am this year’s Guest of Honor at Confluence, which is going down this weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you’re in the greater Pittsburgh area this weekend — and why wouldn’t you be, it’s a lovely city, with lovely people and lovely rivers — you should stop on by and spend some time with us. We’re going to have so much fun we might actually shatter the boundaries of reality. And you know what that means: Unicorns for everyone! And I know how much you love unicorns (Justine “I hate unicorns” Larbalestier excepted).

For those of you who are attending, here is my schedule for the conference:


5:00PM: “Why are there so many Twits on Twitter?”

In which, I assume, we hold forth on that Twitter thingamabob all the kids are talking about these days. And yes, of course, I shall tweet at least once while on the panel. For the sake of observing forms. Also on the panel: Laurie Mann, Michelle Sagara West and Sarah Zettel

7:00PM: “Military SF in the Age of Terrorism”

Panel title says what it does, does what it says. Fellow panelists: Bill Keith, Bud Sparhawk and Ken Chiacchia


11:00AM: Autographing

Come see me scrawl!

1:00PM: “Movies: the year in review”

Perhaps just for fun I’ll suggest that the Transformers flick is a serious contender for the Oscar. Fellow panelists: Eric Davin, Charles Oberndorf and Herb Kauderer.

3:ooPM: GoH Speech

In which I do my now-patented pacing around on the stage, blathering incontinently for an hour while people hurl questions and fruit at me.

4:00PM: Kaffeklatch/Literary Beer

More random blather, but this time with fewer people! I do believe you have to sign up for this once you get to the conference.

5:00: “Alpha Teen Writers GO!”

Which is not actually what it’s called, but this is me sitting down and chatting with the attendees of the Alpha Teen Writing Workshop, who will be at the conference. Hopefully none of them will be stabbing me over this. If you are not participating in the Alpha workshop, you don’t get to go to this. Yes, I know, being old sucks, doesn’t it.


12:30PM: Reading

This is a half hour slot, so I’ll be reading something short.

1:00PM: “Being a full time writer – still possible or naive pipe dream?”

Oh, it’s possible. Other panelists: Bill Keith and Walter Hunt.

And there you have it. Hope to see you there!

24 Comments on “My Confluence Schedule”

  1. If I actually allowed myself to enjoy Revenge of the Fallen – purely as a guilty pleasure and not in any way as art – do I have to turn in my SF Fan card and leave the party in disgrace?

  2. You know, I’ll make sure that all of the Alphans have read that particular post just so that we can harass you about it. And you better be at your awesomest, because both I and others have been promising a weekend full of Scalzi Awesome.

  3. I need to get to one of your cons at some point.
    Too bad Trinoc*con is dead, otherwise I’d try to finagle you an invite.

  4. I could go, if only I could find an extra couple of days to make up for the couple of days that I’d be listening to you instead of doing anything with a deadline attached. Damn deadlines.

    I’m a weaver, and your current subhead means something to me that I suspect is entirely different than what you were thinking. Or maybe not.

  5. I’ve never been to a science fiction convention, so this may be a dumb question. But, will you have books there that can be bought and autographed, or would I have to buy the book before hand and bring it with me?

  6. There will be a dealer’s room at which you’ll be able to buy books. Or you can bring them with you. People do either, or both.

  7. Have fun, been wanting to hit Confluence, but time in the summer is scarce.

    If you could do me a slightly evil favor? In the middle of the twitter panel, turn to Laurie and tell her Erik says hello.

  8. A decently light schedule – you’ll actually have time to schmooze with people in the hallways and go to a few talks as a participant yourself.

    Still looking forward to Confluence, and I hope the one Twitter panel was excepted from your “oh god not another panel about BLOGS!” request.

  9. I’d love to attend the panel on “Military SF in the Age of Terrorism” panel, but I can’t make it up to Pittsburgh this weekend. I don’t suppose you’d know if there’s going to be video or a transcript, do you? I’d love to hear what you and your fellow panelists have to say.

  10. If you are driving to the con be wary of the deer. I drove over a few years ago and counted over a dozen dead ones beside the road and saw another six live ones standing by the road watching the traffic. And this was during the daylight hours.

    On the other hand, the city does have an Ikea store atop a ridge that catches the light well and tends to have a temple-like look at times.

  11. I have been to the Ikea of Pittsburgh, and it is a beacon of light and hope for all who travel near that city. Also, it has some really delicious lunch options. Seriously. I’d go there for the inexpensive Swedish furniture and the meatballs, and some days I just went for the meatballs.

    Kinda a bitch to get out of the shopping center and back on the highway in the right direction, though. I can only assume this is because the Furniture Gods demand a sacrifice.

  12. Cool! Road trip time. Maybe I’ll abduct my son and meet you there. It’s only four hours from Baltimore (and perhaps less, the way I drive).

  13. I remember attending the first couple of confluences back when I was going to college in Pittsburgh – I hope you have fun there!

    If you’re ever bored you can head over to the Monroeville mall and and practice your zombie-shambling.

  14. My hubby is friends with the guy who runs the filk track at Confluence, and so we usually go…however, this year the universe has conspired against us. (family party on Sat…if said family were a little closer to Pgh, I’d be seriously considering coming down for part of the con. sigh.)

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