And Now, the Obligatory Picture Out the Hotel Window

I know you’ve been waiting for it.

No, a view of Bob Evans is not exactly inspiring. But aside from that, I have to say I’m very pleased with this hotel. The Internet’s free, the room service costs are not rapacious and the food (from the built-in restaurant) is good — the burger I had was one of the better hotel burgers I’ve had, and the shrimp-chorizo chowder is something I’ll be recommending to folks — and the rooms are fine and I was able to sleep for 10 hours last night. Plus they gave me a cookie when I showed up. In short: Well done, Doubletree Pittsburgh Airport. The only thing I can kvetch about is that they stock Pepsi products, so no Coke Zero for me at the moment. But I’m about to take a walk to fix that.

And you? How are you this fine Friday?