Saturday Update

Taking a little breather up in my room, on account that from 1 to 6pm, I’m pretty solidly booked with convention activities. So, hello, Internets. The convention is going nicely up to this point: Two panels yesterday, one on Twitter and one on MilSF, both of which went well thanks to smart co-panelists, and then the usual hanging out in the bar and/or con suite with folks until the wee hours of the morning. Just did my signing, then another panel, my GoH schtick, a kaffeeklatch, and meeting with the teens from the Alpha writing workshop. Then I don my spandex uniform and fight crime as a masked crusader! Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to reveal that last part. I keep forgetting.

In any event, having a lovely time. I’ll catch up with all y’all again a bit later.