Saturday Update

Taking a little breather up in my room, on account that from 1 to 6pm, I’m pretty solidly booked with convention activities. So, hello, Internets. The convention is going nicely up to this point: Two panels yesterday, one on Twitter and one on MilSF, both of which went well thanks to smart co-panelists, and then the usual hanging out in the bar and/or con suite with folks until the wee hours of the morning. Just did my signing, then another panel, my GoH schtick, a kaffeeklatch, and meeting with the teens from the Alpha writing workshop. Then I don my spandex uniform and fight crime as a masked crusader! Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to reveal that last part. I keep forgetting.

In any event, having a lovely time. I’ll catch up with all y’all again a bit later.

18 Comments on “Saturday Update”

  1. That, along with pics of you teaching the kids in the workshop the “Alpha Teen Writers powers, ACTIVATE!!” fist-bump. While telling them that their writing sucks.

  2. The first rule about SF Writing Club is that you do not talk about SF Writing Club.

    The second rule is do not talk about SF Writing Club.

    The third rule is that when you are older, you cannot write SF in a coffee shop and be taken seriously like John Scalzi.

    After that he probably showed the teens his awful, er awesome, Twitter-fu.

    Dr. Phil

  3. I can’t hang with your schedule at all. I am amazed that you need to note your off time since it seems tiny compared to your on time. I do enjoy reading all about your adventures even it they sometimes make me tired and glad that I live alone.

  4. “Commisioner! Spiderling has stolen the MacGuffin Device from the CMI physics department!”

    “Great Scott! And Pig Iron is down with the swine flu! This is a disaster!”

    “Word is that The Sci-Fi Scrivener is in town. He could help!”

    “Did he bring Lady Throatgrabber? Kid Awesome? Tapecat the Unpronouncable, the Feline Fury?”

    “Er, no.”

    “Well…he’s better than nothing. Technically.”

    “(sigh) I’ll warm up the Baconsignal.”

  5. Not sure what it says about me that i misread Milsf as Milfs and wondered for a second why a con would want a panel on that.

  6. I would go to a MILF SF panel.

    I would probably be dissappointed.


  7. And he was an excellent dancing monkey for the GoH speech. Although, you know, there’s still no damn cake!

    Dr. Phil, he’s been showing everybody his twitter-fu, just saying.

  8. I think all convention panels on Twitter should be limited to five minutes.

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