Daily Archives: July 28, 2009

Meet The New Computer

Here it is, looking vaguely Darth Vadery. It’s a bit bigger than the previous computer, but not obnoxiously so, and while I specified not to have neon lighting jammed into it, they appear to have put it in for free. It’s not the minimalist package I would have preferred, but inasmuch as the whole thing […]

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And Of Course

The new computer arrived damaged. Because why wouldn’t it be. Update: Appears to be one of the hard drives was damaged in transit. Pulled one, the second seems to be working just fine. The computer maker is mailing me a replacement for the damaged one. Now to see how the rest of the computer is […]

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The Computer Situation

For those of you fascinated by the minutiae of my technological life, an update on these sorts of things: 1. The primary desktop computer is definitely dead, and I rather strongly suspect it’s the power plant. The plan at this point is to remove it from the desk, swap out the power supply and then […]

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