Meet The New Computer

Here it is, looking vaguely Darth Vadery. It’s a bit bigger than the previous computer, but not obnoxiously so, and while I specified not to have neon lighting jammed into it, they appear to have put it in for free. It’s not the minimalist package I would have preferred, but inasmuch as the whole thing is sitting behind the monitor, I won’t really notice one way or the other on a day-to-day basis.

Aside from the dead hard drive that shipped with this baby, everything is groovy, and it’s up and running. I’ve already played an inaugural round of Unreal Tournament 2004 on it, and am downloading Left 4 Dead even as we speak. I’m expecting many zombie fatalities tonight, my friends.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Looks good, but with that amount of computing power it’s time to give it a game that it can really chew on. Try grabbing the Crysis demo and crank up the details, or grab Supreme Commander and watch it squirm as you get hundreds of units in play at the same time! And, if you like a good sci-fi story, you owe it to yourself to check out Mass Effect; it’s only $20 on Steam right now and a wonderful hybrid of story, action, and character building.

Does it sound like a TIE-fighter taking off?

Have a similar machine that stays dark because I canna bear the incessant droning hum it requires to stay cool.

My Mac Pro, on the other hand, is silent as the grave, like a computer should be.

Have you tried if the hard-disk in the dead PC is still functional? If so, the quickest way to get all your Steam games installed is:

1. Install Steam

2. temporarily plug the old hard-disk into the new computer.

3. locate the steamapps folder on your old HD and copy it to the Steam folder on the new PC.

4. Start Steam an log in to your account.

I used this method last time I got a new PC and it worked without a hitch. My steamapps folder is currently 176 Gigabyte in size so even with ADSL it would take me a while to re-download it all.

Can you give us a number (or an approximation) as to how much something like that costs? Are we talking about $1000? $2000? $4000? more?

I’m guessing its Vista 64 on the new box, since you’ve got 6 gigs of ram.

If you had planned to use the premium gametap you might be a bit depressed. However they do make noises about supporting this new-fangled OS sooner or later.

Dude, is there a site that sells downloadable online games? I’m living in Asia with a MacBook Air. She’s a lovely creature, though dull as of late. I’d love to download a game tonight, Red Alert 3. I tried downloading pirated games, but could never get them to work. Set me up with an online site, please . . .


Incidentally, since you’re a Steam guy and all, if you’ve never played the game Evil Genius then OHMYGOD you should! Last I saw it was only ten bucks, too!

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